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Saver Fare tickets are similar to the basic economy offerings on American , Delta , and United . If you ask them advance to try to seat with your companion, they may try to help but no guarantees. All other Saver fare rules and restrictions apply to MVP ®, MVP ® Gold, and MVP ® Gold 75k Mileage Plan members. My flight from LAX-SFO used to be $90-$100 round trip, provided I booked early. 30% off Alaska Airlines flights 01/05/21-08/31/21. Alaska Airlines says that the checked bag benefit for elite members will apply.Also, if you have a Bank of America Alaska Airlines card, you should still get a free checked bag (for you and up to 6 companions) as long as your Alaska Airlines rewards number is attached to your flight reservation. Funneled all travele thru Alaska last year and was happy to make 75k status. I travel SFO-LAX every other week. I've been a longtime Alaska Air flyer, but thus far haven't been able to convince myself to buy the Saver tickets – partly due to the lack of seat assignment, and status-amenities (such as flight changes). What are you flying now? My flights from Vegas to Seattle were always $69. We are … The lowest fare you see on Alaska Airlines will most often be its new “Saver” fare. Saver vs Main Fares on Alaska Airlines These fares have the same baggage policy as its “Main” fares, but there are differences when it comes to seat selection, boarding priority, and flight changes. Our Saver fares needed to be more generous than run-of-the-mill Basic Economy fares, and they are. I will be probably be flying through southwest for all future Vegas trips. I'm looking specifically at Delta and Alaska that have the bare bones saver fare where you board last and get no seat assignment until check-in. The introduction of basic economy. Previously, Alaska's change fee of $125 applied to all non-Saver travel, except for guests traveling on refundable tickets and Mileage Plan top elite status members. Code is FLYWITHME. I’ve only flown LAX-SFO in the last year, and have been doing so every weekend, usually for $90-$103 RT. Our 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all fares, including Saver fares. I can't figure out where it would … Obviously not a normal occurence but I got lucky and that happened to be the time I had a saver flight booked that I needed to change due to work. Saver fares purchased through March 31, 2021 cannot be changed, but they can be canceled for future travel credit under the Peace of Mind waiver. Share on Reddit. I used to be a Gold MVP years ago, and would be even more frustrated if I was still an MVP member. I have loved flying Alaska for the past 20 years, and this is the first time that I have ever felt any frustration with them. Instead they renamed their existing cheapest fares to "saver fare" and took away features that those flights used to have. I don't know what kind of experiences you're looking for... the benefits/downsides are pretty cut and dry. Is this a fucking joke?? When traveling alone, I'll save the $40 and sit in a middle. The only thing being raised are the bag fees coming soon. I recently flew with Alaska Air one-way from New York to Los Angeles for about $100 during a holiday weekend thanks to the airline's Saver Fare, which is essentially a basic economy ticket. I fly every other week too and I’m so upset with them but even Southwest is expensive, & United has baggage fees.... they recently had me stuck on the tarmac for 2 hours too for the damn 51 minute flight time. Main is $160-$200 RT, $15 upgrade to premium each way. Not contain a Saver fare. (I don't consider upgrade opportunities/options at all here because the only time I would choose Alaska is when they're the cheapest airline for my flight - in which case my fare class and upgrade priority at the bottom of the list anyway). Also I believe your check in time determines how high on the “waitlist” you are, which may not even matter. So in essence, they are now forcing me to spend $60 more per roundtrip ticket, just to be able to upgrade seats and have the ability of canceling the ticket without a change fee. They assign/distribute the seats just after starting the boarding process. Are you canceling flights or grounding aircraft? Share on LinkedIn ... Alaska Airlines said it will not charge change and cancellation fees for the next two weeks. Differences in fare may apply. And if you do book through a travel site, you definitely cannot select a seat at all unless you want to pay for an upgrade. When I was looking for flights for a trip in January, saver fares were KILLER GOOD deals. I didn't get any upgrade options, and instead they gave me with a tiny chocolate all the way in the back of the plane and said "thanks for being MVP gold". Fares for all airlines in the US raise, same as COL, gas, etc. I've had to figure out which flights do I know for certain aren't going to be changed (fingers crossed)ANDWhich flights do i really not care about creature comforts (such as west coast direct flights). Does anyone here have experiences to share? Alaska's new basic economy Saver fares allow access to overhead bins, but only at last minute. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Southwest here I come. As the carrier slowly rolls out the new fare class, the airline is telling travel agents that first flights with a Saver Fares … 1 of 17. Lack of seat selection would typically mean that you're in a middle seat somewhere in the second half of the plane. Alaska’s trying to be like them without nearly the same amount of perks or benefits. When traveling with someone, it's probably worth it so you can sit together. Saver fares are non-transferable. Even Delta’s prices are roughly the same. On all fares including Saver, Elites receive bonus miles, baggage allowances, check-in benefits, and priority boarding. There should have been some olive branch to loyal customers instead of it just being mostly a cost increase for the same experience we were used to. Same flight, Main are an additional $30. As such, I would buy tickets about every other week. Thanks for the input, I’m hoping this is a fluke because I don’t see why someone would fly Alaska’s main cabin for almost double the price of competing airlines. Crap. Mostly though, this just bums me out, and is the first corporate move in a long time that has me considering other airlines, which it honestly pains me to admit. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ offers unlimited complimentary Upgrades to First Class as a benefit of Elite Status membership. Saver fares cannot be combined with any other fare types on the same itinerary. They didn't actually reduce the prices. Basic economy was initially intended as a way for full service carriers to compete with airlines like Frontier and Spirit, but over time it became a way for airlines to simply raise fares. They didn't actually reduce the prices. I have 24 segments in & was close to making MVP so I was really excited to hit that tier next year but these prices are insane. A Main Cabin ticket is now $180-$200 round trip. Never again, especially when traveling with a companion. No-fee cancellations and modifications to existing bookings, better upgrades, earlier boarding. Not contain a government fare. I can see the $30 in a $200+ fare, but pretty steep to charge additional 45%-60% for the Main fare. Alaska Airlines' Saver Fare — its answer to other airlines' "basic economy" seats — will launch in the fall. Press J to jump to the feed. Beginning April 1, 2021, change fees will be eliminated on Main and First Class fares everywhere Alaska flies. To get that to price, it has to work a bit differently than a regular coach fare. Also, Saver Fare travelers will receive full mileage plan credit for flights. Alaska Airlines recently introduced its version of Basic Economy, which it calls a “Saver” fare, to better align its fares with the competition. Instead of raising prices slightly on the cheapest fares and allowing plan members to keep all their benefits, you can get the fares but lose your benefits. Ultimately it comes down to "Is it worth spending $40 to avoid sitting in a middle seat and maybe getting a same-day flight change". On the first leg I checked in exactly 24 hours before, and we were 1st and 2nd on the waitlist. I get prices rising, but this radically? The seats will be in the back of the plane and will board last. These shouldn't be pricing out on a single fare component according to AS fare rules (but for some reason, they are) which only allows for layovers of up to 4 hours before a stopover I do the same thing...I would book a saver fare for short Q400 flights, although I'm MUCH more likely to get upgraded (as a lowly MVP) on an E175 than a 737 so if I'm on an E175 (regardless of flight length), I wouldn't book the saver fare. Deals are often available from $39 or $49 one way, but they’re no long as good of a deal as they used to be. This is the place to post anything and everything related to Alaska Airlines. In order to get all of my mileage plan benefits I always have to buy Main fares now which means every one of my flights have gone up by $25-$35. Now, you can find more dates available on Alaska with the Saver fares of $400 round trip. This code was shared with me by an Alaska employee for friends and family! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AlaskaAirlines community. For Main fares, a $125(USD) change fee per person applies to changes made after purchase. Saver Fares (or Basic Economy fares… What is with the price literally doubling?! When traveling alone I usually just pay the extra $30 to avoid a middle seat but am thinking traveling with 2 kids we'd fill a row perfectly (737 or A320). Ever since they launched their ridiculous Saver fares, the deals have become not nearly as exciting. Alaska Airlines sent out an email to Mileage Plan members this week explaining their Saver Fares and apologizing for poor communication about the introduction of the new fare class. Alaska Airlines | Mileage Plan - Details/Discussion of Saver (Basic Economy) "X" Fares - The layover is longer than 4 hours. If you choose not to select seats on a Saver fare, … An upgrade to Premium used to be an additional $15 one way from Main, now it's $35 to upgrade one way from Saver. So your Saver fare is actually a bargain to you? My cheapest flight was $84 RT, and I’d usually fly Main with occasional $15 upgrades to premium. I don’t understand why they can’t allow us to select seats at check in, or even an hour or so before the flight. Contain no more than 6 passengers in the reservation. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Looking at the new Alaska Saver fares and the upgrade cost to Main fares. An email went out yesterday from Alaska acknowledging that they screwed up messaging on rolling these fares out to their Elite members. If you book a saver fare directly on, you are supposedly able to pick a seat when purchasing from one of the back rows in the plane, but cannot ever switch seats. I feel saver fare is complete SHIT! Her team will receive an incentive if the most people use their specific code so thank you in advance if you do! Now the Saver fare is $103-$110 RT, upgrade to Premium is $35 each way. Looking at Alaska's website they aren't charging more for Main Cabin than they did previously for routes that I fly all the time. We don't plan on having carry-ons and I doubt we'd get upgraded. (Image: Alaska Airlines) Show More Show Less 2 of 17 Alaska … Alaska Airlines will introduce a discount ticket this fall called the Saver Fare. Have been issued at, the Alaska Airlines reservation call center, or an Alaska ticket counter. The new fare category aims to offer more than travelers get with basic economy fares on other airlines. I see $49 and $69 fares in Saver. Now that same flight is $90-$100 with the Saver Fare, meaning I pay the same price, but either sit in the very back of the plane or possible "assigned seating". Questions about Alaska Airlines’ operation. ... exclude all except the miles earned, so at least there's that. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AlaskaAirlines community. If you are looking to book in the Holiday time frame, I wonder if you are seeing premium pricing? I was looking for all weekends January-March 2019. Doesn’t make sense to me. Another reason to jump ship to another airline. This year I was pretty close to MVP Gold, so had a few extra flights to actually reach that status. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Saver Fares were introduced in 2018 and are supposedly a way for Alaska Airlines to … You can still get good deals, […] Well with the Saver you also have to board in group E, sit at the very back of the plane or wait to be assigned a seat, and it’s still more expensive than my previous cheap flights. Alaska passengers who purchase Saver fares earn full miles for their trip, are allowed to bring a carry-on bag and in many cases can still be assigned a seat at the time of … ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. When I found a great fare to Los Angeles for $146 one-way, I quickly clicked through to the Alaska Airlines website to find the details. Main is $160-$200 RT, $15 upgrade to premium each way. Other than that, you still get your MVP Gold+ beverage and chocolate and with elite boarding status you don't have to worry about the bin space. So here I am in a middle seat at the back of the plane even though “premium” seats remained available. I was asked to pay $99 each way instead to be considered main, which is more than I've paid for this flight in a long time. I'm booking a flight for 5 people (2 adults and 3 children) and I'm trying to figure out why I wouldn't choose Saver since there are no change fees right now? These fares tend to have many of the same restrictions as the major airlines, but have their slight differences. The change fee is waived when travel is wholly within the state of Alaska on flights operated by Alaska Airlines. Saver Fare? Alaska Airlines is known for their monthly fare sales. Basically the new saver fares stick it to the milage plan loyalists which sucks. There’s some chatter about this in some of the frequent travelers sites as well. What a terrible experience, and I’m curious if they will lose customers because of it. They were able to accommodate for one leg but not the other. Like all airlines, Alaska wants its Basic Economy fare to be a discount off the lowest selling coach fare at the time. Boy was I excited! It is absolutely a shrewd business move on their part, but i think stripping the ability of upgrading, and making flight changes from loyal MP members are cuts too deep. Now I can't. You get to keep your checked baggage and early boarding perks from status (so your carry-on will be fine). As you say, if I wasn't sure I was gonna go or it was a transcon where I wanted to pick a seat, I would book a normal fare. Changes are not allowed on Saver fares, outside of our 24 hour cancellation policy. (If it want's you to subscribe to read, just switch to "reader view" on your browser. No standby is allowed for Saver fares, even for elite status guests. I constantly flew my route for $150-250 (always the cheapest option) and was able to use my MVP perks to always upgrade to Premium Seats. They reduced my status benefits without actually reducing the cost of the tickets. Share on Reddit. There technically is a way to get the Alaska saver fare refunded... when a huge snow storm hit Seattle earlier this month Alaska was allowing cancellations or changes for all flights during that weekend. Southwest is the price of the Saver fare, with open seating. Though I usually book directly on, I unknowingly booked saver class through a travel site to get a package discount for Vegas. Alaska is reportedly telling travel agents that it plans to begin selling the Saver Fares in November 2018 for travel beginning in January 2019. As it turns out, none of that (except earlier boarding) applies to "Saver Fares". Press J to jump to the feed. Not be a partner award issued by an Alaska Airlines reservation call center or Alaska … Prices have not been raised other than the usual demand pricing. That blows. But "Saver Fares" aren't new cheaper fares. Instead they renamed their existing cheapest fares to "saver fare" and took away features that those flights used to have. If there's any chance you would want to do a same-day flight change, you would want to pay for Main Cabin, but at that point, you're paying $40 for a chance at a flight change if you even end up needing it. I looked at other routes to compare, and I’m flabbergasted that a 55 min flight on an extremely popular route is nearly the same price as flying from LAX to literal Alaska. I just went to book and saw that it was the same price - then I realized it's the "saver fare". I constantly flew my route for $150-250 (always the cheapest option) and was able to use my MVP perks to always upgrade to Premium Seats. Alaska Airlines’ Saver Fare Will Include 1 Carry-On and 1 Personal Item per Passenger. Because of the Alaska Airlines huge price increase, in the last couple of months, I have bought zero nada zilch tickets on Alaska for that route. That’s when the “Saver” fare came up. I think it’s specifically this route that has been raised so high, and although I’ve only flown Alaska, it’s time for me to make a jump to Southwest. From what I'm reading trying to book some flights you can still get the cheap fare but they exclude all your milage plan benefits. During the pandemic Alaska is also extending its flexible travel policy for all new ticket purchases, including Saver fares … If a guest is a no-show for any flight during a trip, all other flights within that trip are automatically canceled, with no refund available. - See 16,090 traveler reviews, 1,532 candid photos, and great deals for Alaska Airlines, at Tripadvisor. Basic Economy, Saver Fare, Spirit Airlines… no matter how you want to call it, the airlines are moving towards a lower, more a la carte piecemeal approach to tickets. This is the place to post anything and everything related to Alaska Airlines. How Alaska Prices Saver Basic Economy Fares. I looked at other routes to compare, and I’m flabbergasted that a 55 min flight on an extremely popular route is nearly the same price as flying from LAX to literal Alaska. I am so frustrated from the saver experience that I came to this subreddit just to comment. Booked multiple flights thru company booking portal and found out afterward some were saver fares. Alaska Airlines: Buyer beware - do not book "Saver" fares on Alaska!!! Am I missing something? The saver fares are to help fill those 6-10 empty seats either empty or filled with non-rev passengers. I cannot confirm as I booked through a travel site. We understand the difficulties associated with being a road warrior, and want to make your flying experience with us as comfortable as possible. I'd expect Alaska's customer service ratings to drop this year. But there’s a twist: The cheapest fares come with layovers of eight to 11 hours in both directions. I'm upset, too. Up until this moment I was able to book a cheap ticket at any time, make a change of time with the 24 hour window, and still enjoy the plan benefits. Share on LinkedIn. The transparency was nice but it should have come with one concillatory measure, like "hey we'll still give you free drinks". it’s all inflation. Airline merger. ... which allows two free checked bags on flights to or from Alaska. Only then will I pull the trigger on the "cheap" option. I had pre-booked a few flights and didn't realize they were "Saver Fares" even though it was the same exact class as before, with the same exact cost. I wouldn't do it either unless it was a last-minute short-haul flight where I was sure I couldn't get an upgrade. Here's a good article on the ADN about the new fares: Now the Saver fare is $103-$110 RT, upgrade to Premium is $35 each way. The cost of fuel. Alaska is really alienating their best customers with this pricing scheme on these low fare routes. Basically the message was "we're losing a lot of money if we don't offer these to non Elite members". Alaska Airlines rolled out their Saver Fares late last year, much to the anger of their loyal fan base. But "Saver Fares" aren't new cheaper fares. That $149 fare is the Saver fare. Savers are cheaper and yes there are differences in features even to us 75K fliers.
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