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The sanctity and value of human life, which the Church has been teaching for many years, has now received government support. In Papua New Guinea (PNG), the South Pacific's largest island, extreme forms of gender-based violence are frequent and unpunished—and more than half of reported victims of sexual abuse are age 15 or younger. ChildFund has partnered with UNICEF to rapidly expand its free, national helpline 1-Tok Kaunselin Helpim Lain (715-08000). In Papua New Guinea, one study found two-thirds of women had been beaten by their partners. Domestic and sexual violence are reported to be the cause of many homicides occurring in PNG. The incidence of violence and abuse happens to be a common trend where in many instances, women fall victim to men’s abusive behaviour and actions. A senior researcher in Papua New Guinea has emphasised that government moves to deter domestic violence need to be effective at a provincial and village level. Another study found that in one region of the country, one in five women’s first sexual experience was rape. Everyone has power. Papua New Guinea women demand end to domestic violence after death of 19-year-old mother Jenelyn Kennedy. PNG has introduced several pieces of legislation to combat these issues. Globally, one in three women have experienced sexual or domestic violence. Many violent incidents go unreported, because pressure i s on the victim (in Papua New Guinea often in the form of physical coercion) not to reveal a 'domestic matter' to strangers, especially to authority (for instance the police). Papua New Guinea crime rate & statistics for 2008 was 8.90, a 14.1% increase from 2007. By PNG correspondent Natalie Whiting and Bethanie Harriman Gendered violence against women, limited access to education, restricted health services and the cultural practice of witch hunts are all issues which arise for women living in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Together Pilot in Papua New Guinea and follow their Facebook page to see inspiring photos of men, women and youth demonstrating activism in their own unique ways and challenging the norms around violence against women to create safe and violence-free communities. Volunteers Working To Change Papua New Guinea's High Rates Of Domestic Violence In the South Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea, two out … Check out the video below to learn more about the SASA! Papua New Guinea crime rate & statistics for 2010 was 10.00, a 0% increase from 2009. Papua New Guinea crime rate & statistics for 2009 was 10.00, a 12.36% increase from 2008. The Papua New Guinea (PNG) Government has passed a bill aimed at reducing the high rates of violence against women in the country. The international spotlight is on the small Melanesian nation of Papua New Guinea where the level of violence against women is among the highest in the world. PORT MORESBY, 20 MAY 2020 - The COVID-19 crisis has prompted an urgent expansion of a counselling helpline used to provide support to people experiencing gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Groups like Doctors Without Borders say the widespread abuse of women by domestic partners, criminal gang members, and even members of law enforcement across the nation … For many women in Papua New Guinea, violence and abuse are part of their daily lives.
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