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Publishing a code of ethics and business conduct is a way of underlining the company’s commitment to ethical behavior. Any discriminatory behavior or harassment will not be tolerated. Furthermore, as an equal employment/affirmative action employer, we are compelled to provide a workplace devoid of discrimination and/or abusive, offensive or harassing conduct. We expect employees to be ethical and responsible when dealing with our company’s finances, products, partnerships and public image. We trust you to use your better judgment, but we want to provide you with a concrete guide you can fall back on if you’re unsure about how you should act (e.g. It is the policy of the Company to provide our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which will serve as a guide to proper business conduct for all employees. All employees should also be aware that intimidation, attempted intimidation and/or retaliation (attempted or otherwise) against a co-worker who has reported alleged wrongdoing is unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly. Our core values of safety, honor and commitment and our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (“Code of Conduct”), … Because they represent the Company and our brand, we expect everyone who works for us to demonstrate exemplary standards of ethics and integrity. The code of ethics is an aspirational document designed to influence individual decision-making and the thought process of the employees. A code of conduct, also called a "code of business ethics," are the policies and rules both employees and employers must adhere to. Common scenarios that a code of conduct may discuss include conflicts of interest, acceptance of gifts and bribery, use of confidential information, financial reporting and accounting conduct, and proper use of the company’s property. Each and every employee is responsible for preventing and reporting violations or potential violations. Both statements are also more effective when top-level management leads by example. Although there is no prohibition against the occasional acceptance of unsolicited professional courtesies, employees should not feel obligated to accept them. The code of conduct and ethics differ in terms of purpose, focus, scope, and content. If such personnel cannot fully and accurately answer these questions, they should consult the Compliance Team. Will it create an atmosphere conducive to ongoing positivity and success? A code of conduct, also called a "code of business ethics," are the policies and rules both employees and employers must adhere to. All employees should fulfill their work with integrity and respect toward our stakeholders. Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Conflict of Interest The Company’s Code of Business Conduct and Conflicts of Interest Policy require employees to make a conscious effort to avoid conflict of interest situations; that his judgment and discretion is not influenced by considerations of … Therefore, our employees must therefore abide by the following principles. As a form of a value statement, it views ethics as a guide of principles that help professionals in the business conduct dealings honestly and with integrity. Ethics is not just an intangible concept under corporate culture or an unwritten understanding among members of an organization. Accepting Professional Courtesies. As a matter of Company policy, we hereby provide this Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. Our Corporate Mission Statement plainly states, “Corporate activities will be conducted to the highest ethical and professional standards.” Every FedEx director, officer and employee is expected to comply with the policies in this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Businesses may write explicit dos and don’ts to address specific issues. All employees must protect our company’s legality. The Code is a valuable tool with information about our policies, procedures and expectations, as well as examples of circumstances you may encounter on the job. Employees are supposed to be guided by this code when they make crucial decisions. The Code of Conduct is also available to everyone on the intranet. A code of ethics will reflect all of these principles and a general guide of how members should approach problems. A code of ethics is a company policy statement or document designed to guide employees in decision-making. These guidelines outline how people should appropriately … It also includes matters of legal compliance. Each and every employee is ethically obligated to ask questions if he or she is unsure of company policy. All corporate records must be factual, exact and absolute, and company data must be promptly and accurately documented in our books in accordance with all relevant internal and external accounting practices.
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