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To harvest, cut mature leaves starting from the sides. If you use a cold frame or row cover, gardeners in many areas of the country can grow lettuce through the winter. I realized later that I have been using a variety of imported seeds that does not grow well in hot climates like here in the Philippines. To ensure a continuous supply,  sow a few lettuce seeds in medium sized containers every week. Plant lettuce again in the fall in warm climates. In warmer zones, you may have a fairly short window in which lettuce will grow well: spring to early summer or fall to early winter. Just when the vine-ripened tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers are all starting to come on, you find yourself out of homegrown lettuce. Lettuce is a true annual that can be grown in USDA zones 2 to 11. Heat makes the plant bolt, which makes their leaves taste bitter. of rain or supplemental water per week. Cover the seeds with another thin layer of soil. If you want to enjoy fresh lettuce each week, be sure to start a small number of plants every 7-10 days or so. Do not discard the pulled-out seedlings- they are an excellent garnish for sandwiches or salads (as microgreens). Share. When well rooted, some Bibb types such as Buttercrunch will tolerate a surprising amount of frost. When growing lettuce in a container,  choose a medium- sized pot with at least 6 inches in depth. 6) Harvest your lettuce as baby greens. After 6- 8 weeks, your lettuce should be ready for harvest. Prepare Growing Containers With Soil . We will need to start lettuce seed too as given previously. Look for heat-resistant varieties when growing in warm climates. The cut stumps of the young plants … The lettuce leaves are mostly water and will desiccate and wilt in strong sunlight and dry soil. After another 2 weeks,  thin out further, ensuring at least 5 cm distance apart. © Copyright Urban Gardening Mom 2021. your username. Give lettuce plenty of room to mature by spacing plants 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm.) Spray the top layer with water to moisten it. As your plants grow you will need to closely monitor their growth and the weather. Happy gardening! To keep the soil temperature down,  find a spot with partial or dappled shade during summer,   or with  at least 4 hours of full sun in the morning. To ensure a continuous supply,  sow a few lettuce seeds in medium sized containers every week. If you followed the hydroponics nutrient blend instruction then we’re good to go. Please log in again. Neem oil is also a useful way of controlling pests organically. In hot climates, most lettuce varieties can grow up to about 8 inches. This means you can “forget to water” or go … Regular watering makes plants very forgiving of high temperatures. Vegetable garden; Flower garden; Fruit garden; Organic gardening ideas Growing lettuce is one of fastest ways to get a harvest from your vegetable garden. can you share what variety is heat resistant? We have to work hard to get lettuce to germinate in hot weather. This way, you can still enjoy your crispy lettuce salad even during summer right from your own garden. Getting ready for triple digit weather next week – here’s how I like to grow lettuce in the hot weather. Hot weather often causes lettuce to bolt and/or become bitter. You can plant the seeds as early as August. Dec 20, 2014 - Getting ready for triple digit weather next week - here's how I like to grow lettuce in the hot weather. Perhaps you have a deck like I have and can place the container on the deck next to the kitchen door. In hot climates, most lettuce varieties can grow up to about 8 inches. Dig the soil and apply compost during the autumn or early winter. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Log into your account. In hot weather, lettuce doesn’t usually last very long. Fortunately, some local seed producers had been able to develop slow-bolting and heat resistant varieties that adapt well in our warm environment. Water Requirements for Lettuce You don’t need lettuce to develop deep roots. Water your lettuce plants every day—and even more often if it is extremely hot and dry. apart. Summertime in the Philippines can be very hot which sometimes causes the lettuce leaves to wilt or burn, or the plant to bolt. your password Leaves wilt, toughen, and get bitter if the plant becomes water stressed in heat. Keep in mind that most lettuces do not grow well in hot temperature, so the last planting date depends on your local … Lettuces have a very shallow root system, so if your finger does not find any water, neither does the lettuce! The evaporation of water from soil provides natural cooling. Stagger the planting at one or two week intervals to get harvests throughout the season. Subscribe and register with us now. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA by CaliKim Garden&Home DIY. Alternatively,  harvest the entire plant by cutting off the top part from the root base. Head lettuce is usually grown from seeds started indoors during warm weather for a fall garden. Planting in full sun will generate faster leaf production, but … Oct 19, 2012 - Growing lettuce is relatively easy as long as it is cool enough! I now enjoy my home-grown organic salad,  straight from the garden to my table. With just a little bit of extra work anyone can learn how to do it. If you’ve struggled with this challenge then this book is for you! Keep the soil moist all the time by spraying water at least once a day. I also find garlic and pepper solution effective in deterring winged insects, like  moths and locusts. Lettuce is a cool weather crop and some lettuce varieties will mature in 30 days. For more tips on pest management, visit my blog on organic remedies to control pests in your garden. Too cold and wet and your lettuce plantings may struggle to grow, or be attacked by slugs (ugh!). For the past two years, I’ve been  trying to grow lettuce in my container garden here in Manila but I simply couldn’t get the seeds to germinate. You can grow lettuce at home in flower beds and in containers or in a traditional vegetable bed, be it a raised bed or simply cleared land. **Lettuce loves cooler weather, so learn how to grow it in the early spring, in the spring, and in the fall season. If available, sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the ground, around the plants, to prevent slugs and other crawling insects. We don’t usually grow baby lettuce mix outdoors, only in the winter hoophouse. But cooler weather is due here in a couple of days and I’ve already seen baby henbit seedlings coming up, a sign the soil is cooling down. Water the seed bed thoroughly after planting. Allow the plant to recover in the evening by making sure that the soil is always moist, or does not dry out. Add soil when you plant and water to fill the the reservoir underneath the garden bed. How to Grow Lettuce in Hot Weather – Quick, Easy Tips. However, it will do best in areas where the summer temperatures are fairly mild. Planting heat-resistant varieties, like the butterhead varieties, allows you to grow lettuce in warmer weather. Home; Organic gardening. Like? Hello Ma’am, can I buy lettuce seeds and mulberry branch from you please? Maintain a consistently moist soil by watering at least once a day. Because of the difficulties growing lettuce in hot summers, many home gardeners put off growing it until the next spring. For optimal growth, lettuce requires 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm.) We used the following techniques to successfully grow lettuce in warm weather: Meet the Heat Challenge If the weather is very hot and your soil sandy, you will need to water daily. Step 1. Plan accordingly so they don’t choke out other vegetables in your garden. Details. Growing lettuce is amazingly easy but good results can be dependent upon the weather - and some good management. The login page will open in a new tab. Added by on 2018-07-21 [Total: 0 Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Getting ready for triple digit weather next week – here’s how I like to grow lettuce in the hot weather. All rights reserved. Keep them evenly moist, but don’t over water as they are ripening as their flavor will not be as sweet, it will quite literally be watered down. To harvest, cut mature leaves starting from the sides. Winter Lettuce Growing. Visit to get your free growing guide, “Grow 3 Vegetables in 6 Weeks”. Stick your finger in the soil if not sure. Too hot and your precious crop wilts or becomes dried out and not very nice to eat. In hot climates, you may not be able to grow them in the summer, but only in the other 3 seasons. This will require you to frequently water and ventilate your cold frame (open the lid on … Though there are a few bush varieties, most melons require a lot of space to sprawl. Hot weather makes it bitter; extreme cold freezes it. So finally I discovered a heat resistant and slow-bolting variety while shopping for seeds at my favorite gardening shop, and voila! Soil is added to the raised bed – a water reservoir underneath wicks a constant supply of water and nutrients to the plants. Plant fall lettuce beginning about 4 to 8 weeks before the first frost. Lettuce plants do not like hot sunny conditions, a good tip when learning how to grow lettuce properly is to choose a lightly shaded site for your summer varieties. The first thing to remember is to choose a lettuce variety that can withstand heat and will not bolt easily. Lettuce may bolt in response to the stress of high temperatures, and the leaves may become bitter as the plant puts its growth into flowering (see photo at right). Snip baby leaves within an inch of their bases and when new leaves grow in their place, take a second harvest. Getting ready for triple digit weather next week – here’s … source Comments have to be approved before showing up. If your plants tend to bolt in the heat before forming a head, just harvest the lettuce as baby greens instead. During summer, I grow lettuce as microgreens by harvesting the young seedlings when they are just 3  weeks old. Alternatively,  harvest the entire plant by cutting off the top part from the root base. In Manila, the best time to grow lettuce is when the average daily temperature drops below 30 degrees Celsius- or sometime from  November to around early-February. When they are only 4” high, cut the leaves about 1” above the soil. Being a cool weather crop, lettuce tends to bolt when the average temperature rises beyond a certain level. All Rights Reserved. Skip to content. This is not normal but has helped my lettuce grow even longer. Transplant head lettuce in rows 12 to 18 inches apart with 10 to 12 inches between each plant. CaliKim Seed Collections: -Worm Castings, Worm Tea:, (10% off with code “calikim” at checkout). The seeds will sprout within 5 days. Leaf – Red Sails, Royal Oak Leaf, Black-Seeded Simpson, Salad Bowl, Ruby, Bibb-Romaine – Winter Density (also heat tolerant). If you are growing lettuce in containers, consider placing the container close to your kitchen. Take a pair of solo plastic drinking cups and drill a hole in one of the pairs. Some years we have had 50-degree days into December! Here’s how I like to grow lettuce in the hot weather. How to grow lettuce: Argh - the problems! Begin planting lettuce 4 weeks before the last spring frost d ate. Once the seedlings have grown by at least 2 inches, start thinning or pulling out the weaker seedlings and leave about an inch of space in between. Lettuce is a cool (not cold) season crop; it thrives when temperatures are between 60℉ and 70℉. This year I opted to plant my fall crops early, however. During extremely hot weather conditions, lettuce seedlings may look wilted when exposed to the sun for more than 2 hours. When lettuce starts to bolt (produce flowers), the leaves may taste bitter and unpalatable. Jul 8, 2012 - Growing lettuce is relatively easy as long as it is cool enough! Make sure that the soil is evenly moist. Lettuce is prone to a lot of soil-bound pests. A week or so before sowing your lettuce seeds rake the soil over to produce a fine tilth and apply a general fertiliser like Growmore. Welcome! Water with rice wash to induce a heathy growth of leaves. Spray a solution of neem oil and water over the plant leaves at night once a week. Urban gardening ideas to help you grow your own herbs and vegetables at home. You can grow lettuce in any container but for this procedure, we are going to recycle solo drinking cups. Fertilize with compost or organic foliar spray every other week. Lettuces need to grow fast to taste good, so keep up the water and nutrients. Learn how to grow, harvest, and store lettuce. To sow lettuce seeds, simply sprinkle a thin layer of seeds over the soil bed or potting medium.
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