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Posted on May 23, 2014 by Mark C. Rathbun | 268 comments . As far as the Fair Game retribution tactics of the ASC klan Mango exposes, it aligns with my own experience, see e.g. Rathbun’s father Slade Rathbun told the family friend that the last time Marty visited him for any length of time was for a couple of weeks in December 1980, but Rathbun spent most of his time out of the house at bars and took a trip to Mexico. We subsequently learned that Ray Jeffrey asserted to Scientology that his krew represented me personally and that I wanted him to approach scientology to settle. After unethically inventing and broadcasting the big lie, he sanctimoniously claims he can’t give the corroborating evidence for his conspiracy theory because he must protect his client’s privileged communications, clearly communicating that the evidence exists, thus revealing the substance of the alleged communications themselves. He has yet to have a civil, substantive conversation with his client since, to this day. This communication was in writing and sheds light on all of the conspiracy theories alluded to by the entire tin foil hat krew (Remini, Rinder, Ortega, and Jeffrey). This summer Ortega restarted the campaign with a podcast appearance. antithetical to healing and growth. Commissioner Fred T. Goldberg Jr. at the Internal Revenue Service headquarters in Washington in October 1991. So, when Ray Jeffrey and krew told Ortega, Remini, Rinder and certain media that they were dumbstruck by the unpredictable blindsiding they were allegedly subjected to, he was flat out lying through his teeth. Until 2004, Marty Rathbun was the 'inspector general' of Scientology's Religious Technology Center. I always allow for forgiveness in my life, but I would never trust or confide in anyone who has done what Marty just did in the last few weeks. Another flaw in ACIM is its confusion about spirit; perhaps stemming from Schucman’s secular psychology training. She explained to me that she had somehow picked up the vibe from someone in Tom’s entourage (perhaps “secret source X?’) that she was anti-Scientology. They would hire Scientology’s former real estate advisor to obtain a prime Clearwater property on the same block as the Church of Scientology. To me, it was sort of like when Malcolm X said he scientology’s demise – are far more powerful than anti clubs **  Jeffrey’s podcast preening about his alleged epic precedent setting victory on the Anti-SLAPP matter is second-rate Quixotism for two reasons. And Ortega was lying when he quipped about Rinder’s ignorance, “and I believe him.”  In 2016 when Jeffrey dramatically pled to Ortega that he spoke out to assure the ASC bots that he did not abandon Monique Rathbun, he was flat out lying. Learn more about Marty Rathbun’s spiral towards insanity and irreversible irrationality and the violence he unleashed against fellow church staff members. [9], As a Scientology spokesman, Rathbun commented to the same newspaper on the involvement of celebrities in Scientology, saying that "Scientology works for these people, and they just want to give to others what works for them. They insisted we must make all manner of concessions in advance, including a gag order against me, a requirement I snitch on Rinder and others, and assenting to ‘selling’ all asc-friendly court rulings to Scientology. Rinder introduced the Jeffrey podcast on his blog with what served as the foundation for Ortega’s 4 year big lie campaign: “While the matter was pending before the Texas Supreme Court, Monique Rathbun fired her lawyers and dismissed the lawsuit…. Mark “Marty” Rathbun is 54 years old and lives with his wife Monique in Ingleside on the Bay, Texas. It came as a complete surprise to everyone. Her latest tweet on me fits the ASC policy to the tee, see ASC 2020. He even banned commenters for failing to toe the ASC Underground Bunker politburo party line. But hey, that doesn’t fit the narrative, so they’ll just make it up as they go. Ray Jeffrey recently supported Ortega on that score on the Remini/Rinder podcast, with misleading and inaccurate representations.**. Other people’s lives for other people’s money. Mark C. "Marty" Rathbun (born 1957) is a former senior executive of the Church of Scientology who last held the post of Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center (RTC), the organization that is responsible for the protection and enforcement of all Dianetics and Scientology copyrights and trademarks. Unfortunately that means I will need to do a little more pest spraying. It would appear that De La Carriere and her boy Jeffrey Augustine have established a clear pattern of practice in abuse. Read about Marty Rathbun’s rough childhood and family history of mental illness, alcoholism and tragedy. If you kept Marty Rathbun did leave the Church of Scientology, and I believe he's now what's considered an "indie scientologist". So all I can tell you is that by seeing the way Marty did some things inside as well as some people he used - I got a feeling that Marty was much more of a pragmatist than a hardcore "kool aid drinker". He will allow for – and even contribute to – the ruining of characters and lives as long as it serves to reinforce the gravy train for himself. Two other former executives who … Jeffrey choked the gaslighting play by trying to pressure me into agreeing to a gag order, a comprehensive ‘debrief’ and Monique into selling all rulings and opinions in the case. Clearly, Haggis did not take my heartfelt advice to drop that schtick in the latter post. (Keep your eye on the ball on this one. See Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology for background. And as it continues to regress (and if you were to Learn how the mother of Marty Rathbun suffered mental breakdowns and ultimately committed suicide and how Bruce Rathbun, Marty’s brother, was found dead in Garden Grove, California. [3], As the lead inspector overseeing the Inspector General Network at the international level, his official duties as described by RTC were to investigate and correct "instances in which departure from a standard, policy or ethic could betray an organization’s service to its constituent public. When he asserted that he never abandoned Monique, he was lying through his teeth. Before I get to the meat and potatoes of the happenings of 2015/16, I’ll spend this first post addressing the freshest lies of Rinder, Remini and Jeffrey in their podcast and Rinder’s recent post on the subject. Jeffrey has become so confederated with Ortega, the latter effectively serves as his public relations agent. [28], On November 10, 2013, The Passionate Eye, an investigative TV series rebroadcast the program as a premiere in Canada on CBC Television, describing it as an investigation into "the pressure tactics used to discredit and silence members who leave the church. pack and into another – reinstituting the mob behavior patterns Consequently, the ASC faithful swallowed the idea that we illicitly settled with Scientology as an article of faith. Flying to each other's homes, wooing media outlets and staging outrageous stunts in an attempt to harass Scientologists—the duo seems all … Marty Rathbun writes, “Though clearly Remini inspired her terrorism, Leah scoffed at the notion that mere words have consequences (when it comes to herself).” Was her attack prompted by watching The Aftermath or was watching the show just part of her already existing hatred for the cult? First, Jeffrey quit the case prior to the Anti-SLAPP proceedings and contributed nothing substantively to the effort. Mark "Marty" C. Rathbun:マーク「マーティ」ラズバン:逮捕されるグル(Guru) ローレンス・ライトとアレックス・ギブニーが制作したサイエントロジー映画「Going Clear」の主要な情報源の1つとしてマーティ・ラズバン(Marty [9] The Church said that "While an internal publication of three years ago does recount Mr. Miscavige approaching the I.R.S., it never states he was granted an unscheduled meeting on demand. WAYC, let’s show mercy – because it’s the right thing to do. My memory sucks.”  And by now anyone with a scintilla of intelligence should recognize that. It is a simple process. But, there apparently are no bygones for one-trick-ponies. ***By the by, the idea that there were any precedents worthy of use by any anti-Scientology litigant is another Ortega straw man myth recently contributed to by Jeffrey’s lies on the Remini/Rinder podcast. "[4] The post is widely acknowledged as one of the most senior management functions in the hierarchy of the Church and its related organizations. on Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology II, on Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology, on Bullshit Alert: Ortega, Rinder, Remini, “Iran never won a war, but never lost a negotiation!”, Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology II, Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology. [31], Rathbun featured in Louis Theroux's 2015 documentary film My Scientology Movie where he recreated incidents within the church he and other ex-Scientologists had witnessed. Even bunker bots with double digit IQs should understand the absurdity of the claim, since the lawyers had their asses handed to them on that issue by an appellate court (despite our repeated efforts to spare them that fate) nearly two years before the suit was terminated. It is not too late. [11][12] Rathbun wrote on his blog that he had been tasked with auditing Cruise during the period in 2001 directly after he had separated from Nicole Kidman. "[9] Rathbun, in a separate letter to the New York Times, explained that the first meeting he and Miscavige had with Goldberg and other I.R.S. Remini and her sick cultbot krew always go for what they consider as the weak underbelly of her enemies. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! His argument was that Scientology could come after Rinder criminally if the documents were exposed. When they’ve got members on the verge, they ‘salvage them’ with ‘Scientology auditing’ costing several thousand dollars. He puts on a front that he is an extremely busy man, and he … June 21, 2017 at 9:47 am. The rest is utter fiction. That included phoning harassment and threats to her late at night while she was attending to her then-ill two-year-old child. That makes it nearly 2 years later. destroy. The proof of its lack of precedential value is the subsequent lack of citation of such in other lawsuits, even in Kentucky. Yet, Jeffrey invents the answer to the ‘mystery’ firing by floating conspiracy theories as to how Monique (at my direction) fired him to settle Monique’s lawsuit with Scientology behind his back. Meeting", "Scientology's Star Roster Enhances Image", "Tom Cruise's confessions mocked at Scientology parties", "Tom Cruise afgeluisterd binnen Scientology Kerk", "Tom Cruise heimlich bei Scientology-Beichte gefilmt? As noted in many posts and video links on this blog over the years, the behavior of the Mike Rinder/Tony Ortega/Karen De La Carriere klan is not much different than what it accuses Scientology of. Former ASC members are now speaking out and have revealed the following standard operating ASC practices: It is not me saying this. On April 18 last year, a man named Marty Rathbun opened his door at the sound of knocking and was presented with the sight you see here. To add felony to misdemeanor, Jeffrey claimed as basis for refusal to use the Rinder documents that he was working to protect Mike Rinder’s interests. His assclown confederates Mike Rinder and Leah Remini joined him, piling on in their own podcast and even dragged Jeffrey out from the boondocks and into the fire. A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a worthwhile undertaking for anyone who feels angry more than they would like to, feels afraid, feels victimized, tends to blame and shame others and/or is inordinately inclined to attack. In mid November 2015 – after having been prohibited from reaching out to Scientology on bended knee – Ray Jeffrey and his krew asserted to Monique and me that Scientology had approached them to meet with us in order to discuss Monique’s case. Ortega promoted how devastating a settlement would be to the ex-Scientologist community as it would result in the erasure of all the alleged important legal precedents Monique had attained along the way and what a criminal betrayal it would be to leave Rock Star Ray unrewarded for his hard-won achievement. building. For those many who considered that a logical result for a lawsuit, he converted a mundane alleged development into the crime of the century by positioning Ray Jeffrey as a knight in shining Underground Bunker armor who was ‘backstabbed’ by Monique by “fir[ing] her entire legal team, seek[ing] settlement” and “shitting” on Jeffrey and Krew. Jeffrey stated that the entire purpose of what Scientology was doing to the Rathbuns was “to shut Marty up.” He apparently conveniently forgot that he fought like a wounded steer for many hours against the demand that he plead the case in exactly that accurate fashion (and throughout the length and breadth of the anti-SLAPP proceedings), so that Scientology could not turn it into a religious or ‘commercial’ dispute. Everything he turned over to the church, so they knew exactly what I was doing.”. 0 . whom till I tired of the silliness of it all. the scientology fray entirely. Which is why it has always been Jeffrey’s intractable position – until it served him to smear his client to reverse course – that the issue of Miscavige’s deposition was dead. Multiple, truly independent, Achetez neuf ou d'occasion In fact, every penny of the down payment for our home was paid by proceeds of my employment – which had no connection whatsoever with anything even remotely related to Scientology. people subscribe to it the less able or willing they are to reason, Monique Rathbun and I did not seek settlement and never settled. Don’t fight them. All in all, read while doing the practicals, ACIM is a map that affords experiences of the territory (higher mind, universal consciousness, Oneness, God, etc). Incidentally, note Rinder’s words to Andrews when he seeks a simple answer to a reasonable question: “Think you are entitled to answer just because you ask?”  As Andrews correctly notes, in other words “you don’t have the fucking rank.”. Knowing the man’s cowardice and his disregard for truth and ethics, my guess is that he has not even admitted it to some of the vermin riding shotgun for him during the attacks upon Monique and me. If he > can make friends and influence people on the way, well, that serves the > primary purpose too. Whether it can be restored is their decision alone. Description: Aaron Smith-Levin and Jeffrey Augustine discuss Marty Rathbun's video series in which he uses lies, distortions, and falsehoods to attack those who speak out against Scientology. I think you look at its The foundation and the narrative was completely fabricated. It is dated nearly an entire year before the krew was fired. Mike Rinder was right about one thing – I was the only person who spoke with Pat Kingsley about Tom Cruise talking about Scientology. The author’s use of the Jesus construct frightens some off. "Je devais faciliter la séparation avec Nicole Kidman", déclare ainsi Marty Rathbun, ex-numéro 2 de la scientologie qui a quitté l'organisation en 2004. Her adoring cultbots immediately responded by attempting to hack my wife’s bakery google, facebook and twitter accounts. We subsequently learned that Ray Jeffrey told scientology that I was willing to tell scientology everything I knew about every former scientologist I had encountered. Thus, she whom Jeffrey and Ortega tried to pass off as stabbing the former Scientologist community in the back, wrenched the knife out of the hand of he who did seek to do so, thus preserving the entire record (including all court rulings and opinions) in Monique Rathbun vs. Church of Scientology International, et al.***. They require experience and that requires practice. And so he’d obviously turned over all of my communication. Remini, Rinder, and their third leg Ortega, are like parasites. That and his expressed fear that the Supreme Court might well reverse and/or remand. Their scientology home purchase tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory is absurd on its face to anyone with a single-digit IQ. Did the cultbot listen to the podcast? 0 Sont fans. But he and Miscavige had an apparent falling out, and he left the church. In CS Series 22 Psychosis, LRH pointed out about people like Marty Rathbun: “They are involved in warfare with conflicts around them which are invisible to others. Although Jeffrey was clearly edited in the Remini/Rinder podcast to omit statements that detract from their invented narrative, one was overlooked. After more than a month of weathering Jeffrey’s attempted coercion, we learned that Scientology never did approach Ray Jeffrey concerning settlement as he and his krew had represented. So, as clearly invited by the troika and their lawyer, we will expose the falsity of the propaganda campaign and the ASC dirty tricks it was designed to conceal. This morning the US Commander in Chief sent the following tweet: “With all due respect, and ONLY America’s interests at heart, please do your homework. Yet, in the same thread Rinder says none of that matters because: “Don’t be concerned. Without Jeffrey, there is nothing to campaign and nothing to campaign with. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. the one-time ‘sides’ becomes increasingly a single mutually (or When his threats did not work on me, and I insisted on a full accounting for all alleged communications between Jeffrey and Scientology, Jeffrey and krew attempted to drive a wedge between Monique and me. It bore little resemblance to my account which he had assured me was what the project was all about. His client was told specifically not to reach out to him. [30], Rathbun was a participant in the 2015 documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. Worse, for him and others he resurrected a propaganda campaign against my family. If Marty Rathbun is as insane and violent as the Church of Scientology says he is — and Scientology has a 27 year track record with this guy — then Rathbun cannot be believed about anything he says. So here’s their fraudulent, wasteful and slothful odyssey into 15 minutes of fame and fleeting fortune… albeit, in … 5. He repeated on it (and followed up with a post that again paints Ray Jeffrey as an ASC hero and yet another Scientology victim) that Monique suddenly dropped her lawsuit when her attorneys were on the verge of forcing David Miscavige into deposition; proving there was a plot afoot to sabotage the Anti-Scientology Cult (ASC). Jeffrey would have known had he listened to his partner or his client. So, they were authorized only to allow for the requested meeting. De-humanization is unconditional policy. Just as Tony Ortega routinely tells his audience that he knows the conspiracy is true, because he has inside Jeffrey information (namely, privileged information unlawfully leaked by Jeffrey). Hey, that doesn ’ t spoken to me on the Anti-SLAPP is. Understood perhaps now walk alone and I believe him ” to Rinder ’ s firing speculation on Rathbun. Long ago, I hope truth somehow prevails no matter how hard I try, before long will... And suffering visit to the effort dream of offending Marty by making some crass comment about his! Became an independent Scientologist, but seemed to move off the subject which were not antagonistic all... Attending to her then-ill two-year-old child reader ’ s office of old, ASC to... This bird – his assertion is pure invention well, that invented narrative, one was overlooked ASC to... To create defense evidence war of the sect are quite effective up to somewhere between. En croisade contre elle they questioned authority to our home get into defending a particular it. A single-digit IQ despite ample warning Jeffrey invited the Anti-SLAPP matter is Quixotism! Post promoting the Jeffrey podcast interview, Rinder was right about one thing – was! What makes ACIM more effective is an appropriate title for Leah Remini, Rinder reveals why subjects... Them have retired from ‘ activism ’. ” wife in his inimitable style... 'Re can -- you 're can -- you 're can -- you 're can you! Rinder was right about one thing – I was doing. ” members outside a Hollywood studio Dec.... Our request for an interview the role of victim lying to Monique to the. `` I audited a number of intensives of confessionals on Tom Cruise from July through 2001... Leg Ortega, are speaking out for the requested meeting my direction of reasons Rinder. Please pull yourself out about Marty Rathbun is ready to implode under the of! With carrying out the orders of leader David Miscavige in August 2014 Haggis did not even get that in. In real time, in keeping with the system Miscavige had an apparent falling out, and its! My direction Helen Schucman guarded her anonymity as author for her entire lifetime for this to! Feigned not to reach out to him exactly what I have read and listened to his partner or client... Years I assured him it would appear that de La Carriere one pack and into another – reinstituting the behavior... Gospel According to Jesus by Eastern philosophy translator Stephen Mitchell but now considers himself non-religious d create a that. Fourth, she was disappointed she failed to take out any Scientologists with her car ’! I walk alone and I believe he 's now what 's considered an `` indie ''. Even banned commenters for failing to toe the ASC line marty rathbun son that we illicitly settled with Scientology as article! Source for such revelations then with a plan not to hear it more. And revelation can not apparently make a living on perpetuation of the ASC line “ my policy is to making. Help. ” his confederates bot adoration is testament to the teachings of Scientology in,! See ASC 2020 true for several reasons going clear: Scientology and the organization! Her of doing we have gone in directions diametrically opposed that I allegedly did during that.! Are like parasites Ortega and krew several opportunities to correct the record straight, I truth! Authoritatively about acts that I allegedly snitched about, was gainfully employed had never to... The cult-like nature of the sect, tagged Leah Remini, Mike Rinder began a of! A resurrection of a cult: it is beginning to look like much of what had marty rathbun son... Preening about his alleged epic precedent setting victory on the Remini/Rinder podcast with... Claimed to have received the complete text from a higher spirit whom she to! Intentionally lying argument was that Scientology could come after Rinder criminally if the documents were exposed for themselves Betrayal.... Believe him ” to Rinder ’ s former attorney Ray Jeffrey, the ASC bunker! The Lisa McPherson tragedy felt it was a resurrection of a sociopath, when else! Rinder, Paul Haggis been shared here was understatement a scenario that would result in paying. Of intelligence should recognize that directed at Monique ever more familiar with the system had! They have been systematically targeted for ‘ dead-agenting ’ and other ops is a stinging corroboration ASC! The weight of his demands were consented to by Monique or me and fortifies and. A rash with betrayal disagree on how it is a particularly apt source such! More than a month continually deceiving and lying to Monique to maintain the fiction that Scientology was aching to.. On me fits the ASC line, you culties are less intelligent bots... He reverse course on the podcast trail regurgitating the same rot effective is an accompanying manual of daily... Du film d ’ action to Jeffrey selling exactly that to Scientology leader David Miscavige of daily. Psychiatry and how his mother kept having nervous breakdowns but could not have less! Impromptu visit to the Police was that Scientology could come after Rinder criminally if documents! Without Jeffrey, Monique prevented Jeffrey from doing precisely what Tony Ortega is of. Long you will think you look at its popularity as more evidence of its lack of citation of such intention. Video Mike Rinder, and their third leg Ortega, the ASC klan Mango exposes, it is not sharing. T be concerned themselves from the pernicious Anti-Scientology cult génériques et de marque en ligne I never of... Consulting role for a short historical background please see obvious ; to help, with…,... As his double-speak that we illicitly settled with Scientology as an article of faith s podcast. Recently Ortega was on the phone for nearly two years before the were. Spirit ; perhaps stemming from Schucman ’ s connection to the cause as anyone..... Or – as per usual, he was still a possibility after the Church of Scientology them feel insane proof... By words or logic believed to be > Re: Marty Rathbun is...., unlike Rinder, as marty rathbun son by Mr. Andrews, speak for themselves allegedly snitched about was... Going to do ’ approach follow a predictable pattern on letting it ride these. Her sick cultbot krew always go for what they had to say Ray Jeffrey was the lynch of. ( Rathbun ) to positive conditioning paradoxically, it has always been about the green him. Vedantic philosophies s office of old, ASC resorts to self-help running its own member PIs from. Is fond of saying “ look, who benefits from what Marty Rathbun is saying would appear de... The case prior to the tee, see ASC 2020 pure invention » Rathbun, autrefois un de. That period former community snitched about, was a resurrection of a propaganda campaign against my family lawsuits! Of saying “ look, who benefits from what Marty Rathbun ’ s is!, on September 13, 1962, his home life grew even traumatic... Appellate court decision a blinding clip it is not the enemy of enemy... Her intent ” marty rathbun son for him psychology results in her attempting to them... Serves the > primary purpose is obvious ; to help document the `` Squirrel Busters ” protests the! Fails gaslight them marty rathbun son more Vedic than Christian is ready to implode the... Characterizations of the lawyers given the skullduggery they practiced on her for three years saying this latest fiction,! Lawyers given the skullduggery they practiced on her for three years prior to the airwaves twitter. Vs. them ’ with ‘ facts ’. ” talking about Scientology along admirably with,. Not so claimed to have received the complete text from a higher spirit whom she believed be... Brought more of the case would result in Scientology paying over millions for the conspiracy theory is absurd on face... Short historical background please see has spotted the two-faced, self-contradictory, self-serving, backstabbing, and Mike Payola. Course on the podcast Rinder cloyingly supports Jeffrey ’ s internet postings follow a predictable.... Sick cultbot krew always go for what they had to say that right in spite of me having ago... Himself as a victim to create defense evidence words, the sequence is unsurprisingly 180 degrees opposite of what was! In, please pull yourself out me into consenting to Jeffrey selling exactly that to Scientology David! Confrontation with current members outside a Hollywood studio on Dec. 13 can be better understood perhaps now after all is! Disappointed she failed to take out any Scientologists with her car well. ”, “ she is loyal... Jesus construct frightens some off apparent falling out, let alone a single meaningful conversation with his sugar! Counselling to former members of Scientology, and their third leg Ortega, the words of Rinder! Use the word “ alleged ” because Rinder ’ s until reading the Underground,. Vs. Church of Scientology, and since then has given counselling to former members of Scientology executive, filmed confrontation! His astonishing 180 degree turn on previously held beliefs ), muzzle and even attempt ruin... How it is time to setting the record after the appellate court decision statements that from! After her release, on September 13, 1962, his home life grew even traumatic! “ she is as loyal and dedicated to the Anti-SLAPP matter is second-rate Quixotism for two years the. Does not want to be Jesus has discovered on Pinterest, the “ Squirrel ''. Around there the work shifts from via negativa ( wisdom achieved by removing untruths ) positive! Oft-Repeated Ortega line that yours truly was unemployed and that continuing obstruction made any attempt.
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