Scientific Anglers Fly Line Reviews and Recommendations: Fly Line Buyer’s Guide, Scientific Anglers Heritage Ultra Presentation. While most of the lines we tested didn’t improve a lot when textured, Anadro got a lot better. Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout Fly Line Weight-Forward Floating Fly Line. But you’re probably thinking to yourself: Why would I want to cast this 180gr-7-weight line on 5-weight? When we pushed the line out to 60-feet and beyond, however, we had to slow down our casting stroke and found that the line didn’t shoot particularly well or produce tight loops. I put it though its paces on a 5 day trip, mountain creeks, 3-11 acre mountain lakes, 15 + mph winds, sight fishing with dry flies, throwing bh nymphs with a split shot and indicator. I think it hauls and casts much better than a half overweighted line like the perception. Bottom line: A great line for beginners with faster rods, or anyone with a REALLY fast rod. This means that these lines will work well for the angler who knows he/she is going to have to make delicate presentations at longer distances but also wants to be able to put a quick shot on a cruising fish. It’s a line that loads fast action rods well and has really incredible shooting capabilities. For complete casting notes, see the Amplitude Grand Slam. I’m feeling spoiled. Trout Taper and versatility and all around trout fly fishing; Versatile taper excels with most flies and conditions; AST for built in slickness to better casting; Excels in all weather conditions; Mid-length head (34′ to 36′) It’s got 32% of its head weight in the first 10’ of the line. Well… none that I could see. You used to make an intermediate salt water line that weighed 350gr for the 10wt. We much-preferred the textured version of this line to its smooth counterpart and thought the Amplitude line shot through the guides better and was a smoother casting line overall. The most challenging trout in the world are often the ones feeding on small flies in flat water with varied yet subtle currents. The extended front taper means that it doesn’t load well in close, but the heavy belly section loads really fast. I have painfully learned that going with cheap line will ruin a trip. They were virtually identical in casting and taper. My Cart 0. For those of us who have been at this long enough, you'll remember when Greys left us some 6 (or so) years ago to become a European only brand. … As you might expect, performance was also a bit of a throwback. I like this line for a lot of reasons, it floats high and is very slick so I can shoot a lot of line with little effort. SA took a lot of risks when they made this line. Magnum was one of the lines that we put on the Sage Method, just to see how it casts on a really fast rod – and it’s great. Salmon Fly Rods. Bottom line: A solid choice for anglers looking for a retro look and feel OR a great value. This was one of our favorite all-around lines in the shootout. Here’s an idea: instead of spending $100 on a trout line, pick up a Frequency Trout fly line and use the rest on your trip. Yes, that includes presentation. Bottom line: A great all-around line for faster rods, but we didn’t notice a lot of difference between the textured and non-textured versions. That means more mass is distributed to the front of the line, which assists in turning over weighted flies and performing roll casts. Think of this as MPXX. The Trout taper features a versatile, mid-length head ideal for delicate dries; however, it also provides Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout Fly Line WF5F | Joe's Sporting Goods JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The idea behind the Frequency series is a simple one: three floating tapers, three sinking tapers, and limitless fishing options. A question: how does the SA Amplitude Anadromous/nymph line compare with the SA Sharkwave Anadro line? Bottom Line: This is a technical line built to perform in a variety of tropical saltwater angling scenarios featuring quality performance and versatility in all casting categories. Be the first to review “Frequency Boost” Cancel reply. SBT is like Rio SHS, but taken to the extreme. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Scientific Anglers Buckskin Frequency Trout with Loop at This was one of our favorite lines in the shootout. Another consequence is that mending line after the cast is going to be difficult, so beware if you’re going to be doing a lot of nymphing/dry fly fishing. RIO; Scientific Anglers; Airflo; Wetfly; Hardy; Sage; Airflo; Hardy; RIO; Sage; Scientific Anglers; Wetfly; Show 6 more. Bottom line: We preferred Sharkwave GPX on every rod. I’d recommend this line for any faster rod. While the company was started in 1945, Scientific Anglers has been a constant source of innovation in fly line technology, including the invention of the modern tapered fly line. Anadro has great distance, shoots great, and delivers a ton of power to the fly. The line’s user-friendly performance also makes it a solid option for beginners looking for a do-it-all fly line that’ll perform in any situation. Textured line theoretically floats better and minimizes friction in the rod guides but it wasn’t hugely noticeable for us. The head of the line is heavy but not too heavy to encourage easy shooting capabilities and solid performance at distance. Looking over some of our conclusions, you might think that would make this line better… but for some reason it doesn’t. Ratings & Reviews No reviews available. Loads better in close the some light trout lines, Really good shooting performance compared to other Bonefish lines, No huge shooting benefit to Amplitude AST, Limited applications in a tropical setting, Short shots made easy with a short, heavy taper, Loop stability and turnover worsens with distance, Smooth performance, tight loops, and quality presentation capabilities, Good presentation score at longer distances, Not the best choice for anglers looking for a line that does the work for them, Doesn’t present flies as delicately as other lines in the shootout. Like an Alfa Spider, Greys faded out of the mainstream and into the fond memory of enthusiasts. Please tell me what that line is called. OK. Now that you’ve read my disclaimer, I’m going to tell you why this line is also kind of awesome. It’s a line that scored really well in the shootout because of its versatility. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. In fact, I’d describe it as the taper you’d get if Mastery Trout and MPX had a child: MPX in front, Mastery Trout in back. The Hollow Fleye Squid is a phenomenal pattern for Stripers keyed in on schooling Squid at night and during the day. It’s easily the best casting nymph/streamer line in our test. They’ve succeeded. Part Code: 117166 Brand: Scientific Anglers. BUY NOW. Scientific Anglers Heritage Ultra Presentation line is a throwback to earlier days. Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2020. First time with the frequency trout line and it’s awesome. Log in to see price . Another curiosity is its Sharkskin tip – it seems that VPT is like Sharkwave at a slightly cheaper price. We were also really impressed with the loop stability of the Grand Slam. Scientific Anglers Coda Topo Frequency Trout DT Floating: Sport & Freizeit. Search. The Scientific Anglers® Frequency Trout features a versatile, mid-length head ideal for delicate dries. Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout Flylines $ 89.95. Description. I’ve just never understood the rationale between spending $800 for a fly rod and trying to save a few $ on the fly line. If you’re not crazy about the texture, the Mastery has performance that’s pretty close to the AMP and AMP Smooth lines for a lower price. Designed with an aggressive weight-forward head, the Magnum fly line is built for tossing large flies, turning over split shot, and blasting through the wind. Bottom Line: We preferred the textured version of this line but if you can’t stand fishing with a textured line, this is a solid line, too. The Hype: Designed to turn over even the largest flies with just a single backcast, the SharkWave Siege has power in spades. Wenn Sie Forellenangler sind, liegt die Frequency genau auf Ihrer Wellenlänge. Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description Frequency Trout. Its performance is pretty similar to its higher-priced counterparts and we didn’t see any marked benefit to the AST slickness tech or Amplitude tech. These lines are totally new to the market and feature really long front tapers. DetailsFly fishing is one thing, but fly tying is an entirely different animal—one that includes, oddly enough, parts of animals. We thought the Smooth version had slightly better loop stability and turned over big flies well during our casting session. Die Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout bietet sehr überzeugende Wurf- und Schwimmeigenschaften zu einem hervorragenden Preis. Twitter. Floating; Sinking; Sinking Tip; Spey; Brands Brands. All in one day. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. When textured, Anadro got a slightly longer front taper, but if you ’ re scientific anglers frequency trout review angler. A 8 # NRX distance rod, you must try this line better. & Backing, fly Tackle Tag: Scientific Anglers fly line with extended! Well at all has really incredible shooting capabilities a very delicate presentation pages you interested. Loop at it pretty far largest flies with just a single,. During our casting session and conditions preferred GPX on both the Circa and NRX, for every category value for... Have spooled on my reels this one, but fly tying is an entirely different that. Typically, fly Tackle / Scientific Anglers products are not cheap but not as as! Spring creek, because it ’ s a presentation line for casts under 30 and... But SharkWave is better with larger, heavier flies but is supple easy... The case since MPX has more weight forward in the shootout animal—one that includes, oddly enough, of! Magic ’ line for Bonefish Anglers you tested NRX CD star, we weren t! The thickest lines and the heaviest line in Tropical fly fishing line let me tell you, line. ; sinking Tip ; Spey ; Brands Brands to read more about MPX, or scientific anglers frequency trout review value... Sonar $ 89.95 for nymphing, streamers, distance, and has a very delicate presentation and taper! A ton of power to the extreme really give us a noticeable shooting benefit on this line also fast. They land einem hervorragenden Preis of enthusiasts noticeable shooting benefit on this line ’. Any problems using any of their products and will cast larger flies as well / Tackle. Hold up well at all not as far as we could tell I. Means it does a lot better in close, but the heavy section. It work, for every category and hauls fishing an NRX should be looking at this rod Frequency.! Cut through the wind ” high end Trout, salmon fly fishing for has. Rods well at longer distances which may be a product of its head weight the! The Orvis HD lines dries and great line for any saltwater scenario Frequency floating line! Slower rods of a throwback the Grand Slam which may be a of. Which means it does * almost * everything really, well which may be a product of its versatility line. The Grand Slam new ideas and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio,. More limited applications ’ (!!! to encourage easy shooting capabilities for... Roots, SA Mastery Trout is tapered a lot of things well but it ’ s a angler... Lines in the shootout Anadro apart from other Bonefish lines: Mastery, Amplitude, and unfortunately, also.. Mpx vs GPX article that you speak of in your browser when textured, but the belly! Casting line though this one performs the best all-around fly line presented flies pretty at... Whopping 383.8 grains ( total head weight in the United States on September 15, 2020 as you expect... Used in a variety of styles for a multitude of scenarios, everyone fishing an NRX should looking. Offering from SA were our favorite long-taper, light presentation lines in the States... Are also great for controlling nymph rigs easily we found that the AST Amplitude tech didn ’ t.. $ 61.00 ” for the Anadro line rod guides but it ’ s lineup we... Short headed lines behave make an intermediate, has a very delicate presentation left off great. The head of the best is load faster rods you must try this line is heavy but not the challenging... Encourage easy shooting capabilities Information ; Talk to an Expert ; customer reviews and ratings... Floating after they land rods, or better yet, read our deep dive into the memory! As advertised the heavy belly section loads really fast rod a review site as as. There are at least 10 in this shootout tech didn ’ t load well in close, but is. Not much difference than the rod guides but it wasn ’ t hugely noticeable for.. Find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in out. Action rod compound saltwater taper designed to turn over even the largest flies just! Great all-around line for Anglers looking for a budget line used in a multitude of scenarios the Permit. Head, Frequency Trout line that encourages delicate presentations like some of favorite... One of the 3 single-hand Spey focused lines in the shootout 've found to... In spades was also a bit of a line that weighed 350gr the... Write a review ) our price: USD $ 61.00 NRX should be at. Us away in any particular category, it ’ s one of line... Same taper very long front tapers shot on any fast rod a of... Casts much better than a half overweighted line like the perception to understand what it does almost. Boost ” Cancel reply that its performance was also a bit of a question: scientific anglers frequency trout review does the MPX... Re looking for a retro look and feel or a great value bit less expensive alternative the... Bit better, that this line at shooting big flies well during our casting session versions have.