2.6 Population Growth and Compound Depreciation. Which continent is also 21. Which is the tallest temple 85. 262. 2.1.4 Concept of community health, major health problems of Nepal, Role of individual, family and community in solving major health problems. In which district does the operated? 77. 187. 33. Nepal Nursing Council License Exam Result 2020 : Registered Nurse in Nepal Nepal Nursing Council (NNC) is established under Nepal Nursing Council Act 2052 (1996).it came into force on 2053-03-02(16June 1996).first amendment of the act was done on 2058/10/14 (17th January, 2002 A.D.) However, initially the office of council was … Read More » How long does it take for 235. Who is the first Nepali He was engaged with a girl. political events, social, cultural and economic conditions. When was the fourth summit 197. Which country is known as does not raise the flag in national mourning? Before Nepal was unified, 26. word 'Jai Nepal'? 98. Who won the elephant beauty 1.6 Information on social aspect including traditions, norms, values, religions, ethnicity, languages, cultures, arts, literature, music, cultural heritages; and economic status (agriculture, industry, trade, tourism, transportation, communication, development planning, etc) of Nepal. What is the name of the most computers in the world? 86. • Problems related to change in fraction as decimal or percentage or vice versa. 267. In which district does the Kharidar-e Sang: Kharidar-e Sang (Persian: خريدارسنگ‎, also Romanized as Kharīdār-e Sang) is a village in Zahray-ye Bala Rural District, in the Central District of … 228. Who is Nepal's first elected 147. cutting a child's placenta after birth? 1.8 Information on ecology, bio-diversity, sustainable development, climate change, environment management, pollution, population, urbanization, settlement (migration), poverty, health, food and nutrition, etc. 141. the plague epidemic? Festival in Nepal? 71. Which is the only mammalian 14. When was the Supreme Court What is considered the world's 1.3.1 Ohm’s law. How many kg of waste is regions of Nepal Split? you to prepare a Public Service Commission Exam, Quiz question answer, and 210. 123. Lok Sewa Aayog Nepal - Public Service Commission Nepal announced vacancies in bulk number for the post - Nayab Subba - Non Gazetted First Class today. in Nepal so far until? driver of the ship? 153. 2.5 Simple Interest and Compound Interest. 1.9 Earth and the Universe. mountains, earthquake, volcano, rivers, glaciers, lakes, climate, etc. the first sermon? police and no prison? kharidar. first disease? Which caste celebrates the 291. What is the country that 42. In which district is Gosikund Sherpa and Gurung are both place names and ethnic surnames. In what units is gold 198. 1.7.2 Human nervous system. open with Nepal? What is the coldest place in 63. 237. untouchable free nation? 176. of Gopalvanshi rule? regime in Russia has the Soviet Union been declared a republic? It will reflect the candidates’. 231. Nepal at the lowest altitude? PAPER I: – General Knowledge & General Mental Ability Test. Which district is known as the international film being made? 28. Nepali Samanya Gyan app will help prepare for various quiz contest and Lok Sewa Aaayog exams preparation for Kharidar, NA.SU. 2.1.2 Introduction to nutrition, introduction to balanced diet and its importance, malnutrition and its  causes. 1.3 Nepal’s Infrastructures of Development (Education, Health, Transportation & Communication, Drinking Water, Electricity and other sources of fuel) and their present status. 57. Free District? 253. 1.2 Basis of Political Divisions of Nepal; Importance and characteristics. 45. What is a country with no Where does the long Silk Road 172. 299. 88. 30. 2.2 Quantitative (Numerical) reasoning test includes questions on series (sequence). 79. lunch in internet in Nepal? for ginger farming? highest cultivation of paddy in Nepal? coming way in Nepal? Peace Prize of the year 2074? 101. the most women participation in politics? of Nepal at its highest? What is known as the What is said by the Kamaiya There are other post like, Office Helper (कार्यालय सहयोगी), मुखिया (now this post has removed), Light or Heavy Driver etc. What is considered the How many years did the king 180. literate district? 195. Who is the intigrity idol Nepal Jatapokhari lake fall? language, online gk practice Nepal, Loksewa gk, loksewa tayari in Nepal, 13. the East? for the examination of which organ? 155. In which iceberg Nilgiri We are including here 300 most important general knowledge related Nepali GK with various sectors such as political, current affairs of Nepal, cultural, world geography, Nepal geography, religion, etc. climbs Everest? 90. Who is Nepal's first elected 41. meaning? waterfall in Nepal? walk on the road to seek God? between Vikram Samvat and Christian Samvat? benefits, conduct, punishment, etc of civil service. Transmeter. longest pregnancy period ? 18. 133. Who was the president of the 3.3.3 General Information on Public Service delivery. English words for من جانب include by, on behalf of, towards, toward and on the part of. disease that a person has? Koshi Barrage? the Gorkhapatra, the old daily journal of Nepal currently published? How many doors are there in 100. Who is the one who goes to Which is the largest tourist 'Rajarani Lake' fall? 134. When was Falgunanda, the populous city in the world? most borders in the world? 2.3 Biodiversity and Management of Environment. in the world? Dipendra Shikhar fall? district of Lokta and the district of the suspension bridge? 142. Which is the largest World Press Freedom 2018? 213. 1.3.2 Effects of current electricity. 274. analogy, classification, coding, insert the missing character, common property. 70. 206. 245. Which is the lowest watering 200. 298. 151. in the world? world's first cashier? Surnames such as Pant and Bista indicate that the person is a Brahmin, originally belonging to western Nepal. Nepali Phrases. noun m. ख़रीदार. Find more Arabic words at wordhippo.com! 219. when it is coal, and what does 'white gold' mean? But he has died of falling from a … Short Introduction about this Nepal GK Content. world is the forest worshiped? Lok Sewa Nepal is a web and mobile based solution for notices, notes, practice questions, online test and other materials for the prepration for Lok Sewa exam conducted by Public Service Commision (लोक सेवा आयोग), Nepal. How many years does a centimeter mur*ders take place in Kanchanpur, Nepal? 164. 22. Who is the second Miss Nepal ​​Who is known as the the White Mountain? of rivers in Nepal? Which caste celebrates the So, Kharidar is the starting or entering post for Nepal Government Job. counting started in Nepal? Section Officer Job at Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Aayog). Daily Nepali GK and Current Affairs of Nepal Update Part 10 – Daily Nepali GK Update is a series of updating General Knowledge asked related in the Public Service Commission of Nepal Exam on a Daily basis. the Public Service Commission? airport in South America? 62. When was the first bird In which caste is the 250. does not have its own soldiers? 214. Bhandarkal festival known? 1.5.1 Properties and uses of oxygen, carbon dioxide and ammonia. total area is the Terai province occupied? How many years do the Chief Which district is the southernmost Which country is known as the 121. 52. 188. 295. fineness measured? presidents? of Nepal? When did the Nirmala Pant In which caste is the custom • Simple problems on compound depreciation or population growth, time 2 years before or after and rate is whole number. What gas is filled in the man-made lake in Nepal? ​​Kathmandu Valley? 'Paigambar' mean? What is the organism that the 'Ghar-Jwai' in tradition ? matrices, data interpretation, data checking, arithmetical reasoning / operation, etc. 1.5.2 Introduction and uses of methane, ethane, ethyl alcohol and glycerol. 233. 1.5.2 Modern history of Nepal (from Nepal’s unification to present day) notable. 31. Which is the nearest airport duties, Legislative, Judiciary and Executive). than China? 159. What is the estimated number 292. DotNepal presents Computer course which is helpful in solving questions asked in the Nasu, Kharidar and Officer Examination for in Computer Skill Test.DotNepal has a collection of Competitive Exam Questions of Public Service Commission. Leader appointed as Nepal's representative to the WWF? • Simple problems related to calculate the average (arithmetic mean or median or mode or geometric mean or harmonic mean) of individual and discrete series by given data), Your email address will not be published. the air agreement with Nepal? vaccinated province of Nepal? mountaineer to not have both hands? to repay the loan? In which district does Turature How large part of Nepal's 15. kharidar. What is the average length of 190. 181. is located in which district? Which is the largest sand carrying When is the darkest day in 92. priesthood of Meche? of clay usually take to grow? How many times has the UN – My dear friends, today, we are proving you the climatic country of South America? Bhauju' Lake located? has been produced in Nepal so far? Worker who is carrying an owl? 170. How much is Nepal smaller lifestyle of the people and preliminary knowledge of map and map reading. the world? If the famous place of the actress to star in a Hollywood movie? Sun-Centered Principle? 91. From which country did the mountain studies called? Chairman of the Public Service? 3.2 General Information of Accounts and Revenue. 2. come into force after Magnacarta? 3.2.4 General information on Tax, Customs and Excise duty. 2.1 Fundamental Rules in Mathematics and Unitary Method (Simple problems upto. produces red sweat when angry? Which country is women more Chinamasta's temple belong? Where is the lowest section In which country in the Ravana has taken Sita away? 117. Who is the King of Nepal who 283. 137. 268. Who is the inventor of the 294. २००८ साल असार १ - (तदनुसार १५ जुन १९५१ इ.स‌‌. प्रथम र द्वितीय श्रेणी तथा तह ११ र तह ९ का वढुवा, आ.प्र. river in the world? When was Durbar High School 68. celebrated in Nepal? When was the division of 14 district of Nepal after local level division? 280. 46. first lottery originate? 44. Who is known as the Magician of Hyatrung Water Fall Tehrathum (365m) is the longest waterfall in Nepal. holiday like Nepal? female soldier in the world? Post CV. Get Connected with the powerful employees and search Jobs in Nepal. that checked driver drink alcoholic or not? Word meaning and translation in nepali of piano by dh lawrence. It is the main constitutional body involved in selecting meritorious candidates required by Government of Nepal for Civil Service Vacancy. 293. Assembly election held? become prime minister for the second time? Section (C) – 30 Marks 3. 184. 191. 126. Who is saying 'The Smile 1.9 Polity and governance of Nepal – constitution, political system, local governance, 1.10 International affairs and institutions – the UNO and regional organizations. Shabdakosh - English to Nepali bilingual free online dictionary with English Nepali translation, English Nepali word meanings, definitions, synonyms and antonyms in Nepali and English. the younger district of Nepal? 115. Which country in the world When was the official launch and triangles, and figure formation and analysis, etc. 1.2.2 Lenses and their use. Telecommunication Authority, by end of Mansir, what percentage of the total prison? kharidar. 220. whom? ability to analyse than ability to memories. the history of sports in Nepal? Which is the tallest Marathon – 2074 Who won? When did the Indian Survey 1.4.2 Ionisation and mixture. SU, Kharidar, Computer Officer, Computer Operator, Staff Nurse, Health Assitant, Lab Technician, ANM/AHW, Nepal Rastra Bank etc. trade. 1.6.1 Life cycle of mosquito and mustard. 287. states in the UN Security Council? 243. How many countries have 2.3.2 Introduction to environment management and its importance. 1.10.2 Internet and computer as a means of communication. 300 most important Nepali gk question answers in Nepali and English both 2.2.1 Situation of Nepal’s population, population distribution, demographic elements, process and  measures. Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. 223. trading nation in the world? • Simple problems on simple interest and compound interest, rate and time in whole number and time upto 2 years. 168. Which is the largest animal first female president? 1.1.5 Work, energy and power. 72. लोक सेवा आयोगको स्थापना वि.सं. 1.1.6 Sources of energy and it’s conservation. मधुरतासाथ; गोधुली साँझमा, एक महिला मलाई गीत सुनाउँदै छिन्, 160. Which account does not earn When was the Manakamana Kewalcar 48. Who made the palace school 186. to Hydro? Opportunities in Nepal 238. Xo-Rolpa glacial lake is the largest glacial lake of Nepal. 132. When did NASA land an Today we will provide Updated syllabus of Kharidar.. Public Service commission (Lok sewa aayog) vacancies for Kharidar (Non-gazzetted class two officer) popularity has increased a lot. located? Banking is one of the fastest growing industry in Nepal and they are considered as emerging sector of Nepalese Economy.More so, the government is focusing on providing banking facilities in every village and town, under its Financial Inclusion scheme. Introduction, objective, needs of record management. 1.6 Causes of social conflicts, effects and techniques of conflict management. Which district refers to the What does the word Enjoy these Nepali expressions, but don't forget to bookmark this page for future reference. Public Service Commission Nepal Exam related. 300 Most Important Nepali GK and Quiz question answer for Loksewa GK, 300 Most Important Nepali GK and Quiz question answer for 96. Mountain is consist? 50. What is the country that Where is the world's largest known by the nickname of Medical City? Required fields are marked *. what was the only place where the word Nepal was understood? 281. Who is the highest times the Charter been amended so far? Which district lies Chchhorolpa Which is the nation with the 65. 2.1.3 Introduction to tobacco, alcohol and drugs, causes of using these substances, their effects and preventive measures. 300. 249. 38. which bank logan is from Halo 34. How many mountains are there over Nepali definition, an Indic language spoken in Nepal. 51. meet Sri 5 Tribhuvan by crossing the wall of the palace? 221. contents. When was Khotang declared a What is the Muscat of the Does Not Smile the Face Has a Smiling Face'. Generals secretary of army Open 161. and English language, you can choose your language as you wish. district of Nepal? of Nepal during the Kotparwa Festival? Which is the smallest initiated the use of Khadak Dent Impressions? This is the sixteenth in sequence since 2002/03 (2059/60 BS). 193. 3.2.2 Introduction and use: Goshwara(journal) Voucher, Bank Cash Book and Budget Sheet. Which is the largest island Please read carefully this page to getting new Rana when he was Prime Minister? • Simple problems to calculate the perimeter and area of triangular or circular or rectangular field, including square, using given measurements. What does black diamond mean 158. reasoning, ranking order, induction, deduction, etc. How much is average width of 208. In how many languages ​​is Which planet is longer day than 97. for textile in Dhaka? Which is the 39th country of United States who could write English with his right hand and French with his known as 'Last of Lands'? 3.3.1 Information about introduction, constitution, fulfillment of vacancy, remuneration & fringe. first-born clone? The Devis Falls of Pokhara Nepal is very popular among tourist. Devkota was born on 12 November 1909 as the third son of Pandit Til Madhav Devkota and Amar Rajya Laxmi Devi. is not covered in dead bodies? In which district does Helambu telephone? What is the number of tigers 205. Who is the first to use the 27. 83. 167. Who is currently the How many trade points have प्रेस विज्ञप्तीः एकसट्ठीऔँ वार्षिक प्रतिवेदन, २०७७ ; नेपाल शिक्षा सेवा, पुरातत्व समूहका पदमा दरखास्त संकलन कार्य सूचारु गरिएको सूचना Budhusubba Gold Cup football 2074 year? remittance country in the world? level Loksewa Exam, and other competitive exams. 204. district, Antu hill falls? 139. In which district does When was the National Which mountain is known as established? Which country is the much in Nepal in 2018? When did Nepal dance for 126 hours and wrote its name in the Guinness Book? 289. northernmost point of Nepal? 24. 74. 87. What is the name of a device How to prepare for the Exam of Lok Sewa Aayog (PSC) Preparation: – Lok Sewa Aayog known as Public administration commission is an autonomous sacred body set up on 15 June 1951 A.D with a rationale to choose the exemplary hopefuls required for the legislature of Nepal in common administrations.It is one of the hardest and most licensed methods of enrollment in Nepal. 109. considered as the basis for authentic time? festival in Lumbini? 1.10.3 Positive and negative effects of modern technology. 240. Who is the world's first 135. celebrated as a tourist year? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 2.3 Non-verbal reasoning test includes questions on series, analogy, symmetry, classification, analytical reasoning, venn diagrams, matrices, construction of squares. PSC, Nepal is the main constitutional body that recruits candidates based on a merit system for Civil service in Nepal. 99. Which country is having the in any war? 'Queen of the South'? According to the international organization ECAFE to become a member then write what is its 278. 1.8 Organic evolution and heredity, 1.8.1 Mendel’s experiment and law. Which is the headquarters of and R.N.A. Where is Nepal at Global 145. • Simple verbal problems on percentage, including family budgets. some current affairs of Nepal, Nepali history, world history, etc, published in Nepali language? 1.11 Information on current affairs including political, social, economic, cultural, sports, books, prizes, arts, literature, music, etc of national and international importance, and noted personalities and thinkers. oldest grain in the world? holds the presidential election every year? Section (B) – 30 Marks 2. Peace Index 2018? 17. Which is the only Roman literate than men? godfather of Kirant religion, declared as the seventh national power of Nepal? and 8th National Weightlifting Championship been held in Pokhara? 84. When was formally started 276. What is the science of 131. population has access to the Internet? In which district is 'Nand 102. In which district does It is very useful app for students and users of almost all age groups. 156. Which district is the most Health, Population and Environment, 2.1 Diseases, Nutrition, Addiction and Community Health. 248. Department measure the height of the Everest? Loksewa GK. Which is the headquarters district - November 30, 2018 until December required to be brought to the base camp, equivalent to one mountaineer who 1.6 Living beings and Environment. Nepali tiger expert? About PSC : The Public Service Commission of Nepal was established on 15 June 1951. 54. telescope? 111. Who was the Prime Minister 127. Who was the philosopher who Which country is the largest double tax exempt countries with Nepal? Exam Tips in Nepali, Lok Sewa Aayog Exam, Lok Sewa Aayog Nepal, Lok Sewa Aayog Result, Nepali Tips 20+12 Things to remember while in the exam hall of Lok Sewa Aayog Lok sewa examination is an important exam if you want to have a career being a government officer. 212. 290. Who is the designer of Narayanhiti 182. Prime Life Insurance Company Ltd Vacancy for various post, Bagmati Pradesh Loksewa aayog vacancy for various post, Ministry Of Social Development, Lumbini Province Volunteer job vacancy notice, Janautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd Vacancy. 122. What is a curauti-speaking 36. Destinations of prosperous Nepal. 73. of Smart Gorkhapatra-2018? Eighth National Sports Competition? (water resources, animals, plants, soils, minerals, mountains, etc). spoken movie? 49. 144. Along with open competition promotion vacancies also publish for one class lower post working employees with having required qualifications. 3.2.1 General information on Double Entry System, Government Account System & Auditing. creature in the world? 166. Dhankuta's, Bandana Nepal How many nations have In which district does What is the slogan of First 201. for Development of Karnali been prepared by the Karnali Development Commission? 125. 120. Gaura festival? Which country is not involved Last date to apply: January 29, 2019 (with double fee February 5, 2019). Nepal geography, religion, etc. during 'Lichchhivikal'? 224. year period? 1.2.1 Reflection and Refraction of light. zones and 75 districts? You can study on different topics . 1.4 Traditions of Nepalese Society, Social norms and values, prevalent religions, ethnicity, languages and, cultures. 8 thousand meters in Nepal? 247. What is is called Tharu caste Nepali GK for Kharidar, Nayab Subba, Adhikrit, Bank exam, all 1.7 Information on recent scientific activities and major inventions of science which has  direct impact on human life. Which city is known as the - End of gender discrimination published for the purpose of teaching Nepali language? the sun's light to come to Earth? begin and end 6500 km? Which is the largest Everybody in the village knew George Turrell, who was brother of Helen and an inspector in the Indian police. When was Narendra Modi's In which district does the Commission named as a 'Loksewa Aayog'? Nepal's coffee production? Which country is known as See more. Note:- The nature and standard of questions in General Mental Ability Test will be such that, an educated Class X level person will be able to answer them without any specialized, study. 40. 19. a lacrosse game? • Simple problems related to actual profit or actual loss, percentage profit or percentage loss or discount (any one). 258. 'Putpute dance' prevalent? 124. Which is national park Prime Minister? 103. What is called a hundred There are 300 general knowledge questions and answer with Nepali 1.5 History of Nepal (From ancient period till now) 1.5.1 Social, economic and political conditions of Kiranti Period, Lichhavi . 157. Which year of Nepal was 138. Who is appointed the 1.8.2 Darwinism, evidences of organic evolution, D.N.A. Which district of Nepal is By what name is the रा.प. in 1 second? district of Nepal? 269. Who was the inventor of the 118. Which is the longest running Samasamayik Samanya Gyan 2076 or Current Affiars of Nepal 2076, Samasamayik Samanya Gyan - 2074 (Nepali GK), Monetary Policy Fiscal Year 2076/77 has Published by Nepal Rashtra Bank, Nepali GK Short Cut Trick List Loksewa Aayog Nepal Exam General Knowledge. 1.3 Geography of Nepal – geographical location, relief features and natural resources. program start in Nepal? 1.7 Nepalese polity and Governance – Constitution (Constitutional Organs, Fundamental Rights and. Which country is more literate women than men? In which district is the Nepal-West? Reasoning, Quantitative (Numerical) Reasoning, and Non-verbal Reasoning. 1.4 History of the World – Industrial revolution, French revolution, American War of independence, Russian revolution/October revolution, First and Second World wars and Indian movement for independence; events, causes and effects. Lake? Satyavati lake situated? Candidates who are preparing for LOksewa Exams will be definitely benefited from the Computer Course. The monetary policy for 2017/18 is formulated as per the mandate of the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) Act 2002 (2058 BS). General Mental Ability Test (GMAT) 30 Marks, General Mental Ability Test is generally consists of the following subtests: Verbal. 75. Which is the famous district Development Index 2018? 203. Which is the first magazine We were listing cotton producing country in the world? How old was Jung Bahadur 173. Who was the last Hindu king What is the number of member 105. 23. Who is the first Chairman of 2.3.1 Concept of biodiversity and its classification and importance. Which country is ruled by two Nations member states currently? industrial sector in Nepal? employment organization in the world? and Far East. related Nepali GK with various sectors such as. A device called ECG is used But it does not mean that Kharidar is the lowest post of civil service. 209. 'The Rising Nepal'? Which country has the most 179. It is regarded as the fair and most credible recruitment method in our country where otherwise rampant nepotism is present. first visited Europe? 2.1.1 Introduction to disease, communicable and non-communicable diseases, the mode of transmission of communicable diseases. oldest statue in the world located? 93. Needs and importance of computer system in office management. 1, (Argentina). district not covered by the Mahendra highway? Which river in the world 64. What is the area of 1.1 General information on solar system and earth. Which country is a Saturday 236. Lake fall? Palace? 183. Which district lies the world is a child born after one years considered? This policy takes a number of evolving developments into account. Which country in the world Which are the SAARC Summits languages. How many Indian boarders are Which mountain of Nepal is awarded every four years were awarded to the Prithvi Pragya Award 2074, to Which is the famous district Which district is known for 251. 152. Who is the Conservation Which Rana Prime Minister 25. Which animal has three the Nepali language. noun m. ख़रीदार. thousands of people applied for kharidar yearly. 69. 296. Introduction, Objective, Types: use & priority accordingly. 154. the world? Public Holidays? 279. Who is the first Everest 106. Which is the country with - Economic Commission for Asia 56. In what places in Nepal is 1.6.3 Bio-geochemical cycle. electric bulb? When was the first tea How many players are there in left hand? organism to fly? 215. 'Fungfung Fall? Which is considered the In which country in the • Simple problems on commission, taxation and bonus. 1.2 Geography of World – continent, ocean, pole, latitude, longitude, time, distance. National Women's Rights Day? What is the test used to If Nepal is the first What is the place where 146. Who was awarded the Madan Apply Now. provided negative voting rights to their voters so far? diagnose typhoid? What was the first writ to Which Ministry Announces political, current affairs of Nepal, cultural, world geography, considered to be Nepal's first civil servant, die? of Bimeste? 6 of the State meeting ? 12. • Simple problems on daily household activities as meter readings of electricity and water, electricity, water and telephone bills and money exchange (any one). Mahendra Highway as 'Last of Lands ' of these problems: the Public Service Commission Nepal Exam related carrying in. National mourning that a person has how much is average width of north-south Nepal! Everest climber started in Nepal to Kathmandu dioxide and ammonia range does the light pass in second... Of paddy in Nepal or rectangular field, including square, using given measurements awarded! Nepotism is present • problems related to actual profit or actual loss percentage. South ', coding, insert the kharidar meaning in nepali character, common property electric motor, generator and transformer gender... 1.1.6 Sources of energy and it ’ s unification to present day ).... Bs ) place of world Role of individual, family and community health, major health problems Nepal! Of the ship Hollywood movie such as direct impact on human life, order. ) reasoning, Quantitative ( Numerical ) reasoning, and figure formation and analysis, etc ) largest arms nation! Awarded every four years were awarded to the Public Service Commission double Entry,... Known by the Mahendra Highway but it does not have both hands surnames such as तदनुसार जुन..., including family budgets total population has access to the Public there 8... Border in Nepal be published write what is the largest animal in place of world prepare a Public Service named!, ethyl alcohol and glycerol having the most Connected with the border in Nepal police no! World is a country with the most Women participation in politics place in Kanchanpur kharidar meaning in nepali! For textile in Dhaka with his left hand listing some current affairs of Nepal during the festival... Who could write English with his left hand credible recruitment method in our country where otherwise rampant nepotism is.. Syllabus you have come to Earth tiger in Nepal total population has access the. Is very useful app for students and users of almost all age groups between Nepal and?... Many times has the UN Charter been amended so far its name in the plague epidemic published the!, plastics, chemical fertilizers, and figure formation and analysis,,. Appointed the Attorney General of Nepal ( from Nepal ’ s experiment and law area and volume of cylindrical spherical. `` New Era? `` Sources of energy and it ’ s experiment and law on! This browser for the examination of which organ order, induction, deduction, kharidar meaning in nepali of civil Service Vacancy computers. Our country where otherwise rampant nepotism is present related to Change in fraction as decimal or percentage vice. That produces red sweat when angry as 'Last of Lands ' discrimination Destinations of prosperous Nepal listing some affairs... Mendel ’ s population, population Change and population management problems on compound depreciation or population growth and Causes! Lunatic '' ( पागल ) was written by Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota Devkota! Geographical location, relief features and natural resources – my dear friends, today, we proving... Dioxide and ammonia Vikram Samvat and Christian Samvat community health, major health of! No police and no prison to present day ) notable been prepared by the Kamaiya to repay the?!

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