And this time we're exploring Italy's dramatic Amalfi Coast area, and somewhere along here we're going to find a blue grotto. These are typical lemons of Sorrento, OK? Because bus access is so limited and hotels don't take large groups, the town — unlike Sorrento — has been spared the impact of big-bus tourism. Specializing in scenery and sand, Positano is no exception. 99 to rent. 53 posts. The isle of Capri was first made famous as the vacation hideaway of Roman emperors. And yet, it’s been attracting holiday-goers for centuries. The town was founded by Greeks in the sixth century B.C. Posted on June 12, 2015 January 4, 2018. ©2021 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | Home / Blog: Cameron's Travels; Destination: Italy. Our first stop is the reason most come to Capri: to enter the fabled Blue Grotto. Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Explore Europe / Italy / Sorrento; The Marina Grande; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Share. For expansive island views, ride the chairlift to the top of Monte Solaro — Capri's 1,900 foot summit. Home / Blog; Posted on June 1, 2013 November 27, 2013 by . For make this road it takes about 150 years from Sorrento down to Salerno. 5.0 out of 5 stars 14. Video: Watch Naples and Pompeii, an episode of the Rick Steves' Europe TV show. Rick: Oh, so like, very fast you could spread the word the Saracens are coming, the pirates are coming. Only one street in Positano allows motorized traffic — the rest are steep pedestrian lanes. From Anacapri, ride the chairlift (seggiovia) to the 1,900-foot summit of Monte Solaro for a commanding view of the Bay of Naples. Raffaele: Yes. Mondo is a very professional and organized tour company. 3-4 days in one of the towns would be fine for sure. Tourists line up each morning, packing the buses, which make the memorable daytrip. see our FAQ. I was able to show him the hidden gems the Amalfi Coast has to offer. And during a balmy Sorrento evening, the streets are filled with people enjoying a convivial passeggiata. Terms of Service | Privacy, Amalfi Coast, Italy: Illustrious Seaside Town, Capri, Italy: Pricey Towns and Priceless Views, Positano, Italy: Jewel of the Amalfi Coast. When it comes to fruit stands in Sorrento, pucker up! Even so, Italian men have built into their lives women-free zones. Posted by Ruth (Ithaca, NY, USA) on 02/01/20 09:46 PM. Map. Smaller text Larger text. Each one cost about €25. Raffaele: Yes, just a warning. Peppe holds a Michelin star, and he and his staff love to explain exactly what's on the plate — often sophisticated dishes with an emphasis on seafood, but a good vegetarian selection as well. In this program, we explore Sorrento's back streets, taste traditional Italian food, drive along the dramatic Amalfi Coast to catch some breathtaking scenery, learn the history behind the tourist shops of Amalfi, stroll in the shadow of Greek temples at Paestum, and sail to the isle of Capri to enter the fabled Blue Grotto. We're lucky today — there's a little chop, but dinghies are squeezing in. But then if you are more interested in Capri or the Amalfi coast, you could work in a stopover at Pompeii en route back to Naples. Rick: Beautiful, look at the engineering here. Thank you. Roberta: So most of the isle of Capri is just like this. This slim guide excerpted from Rick Steves Italy includes:. Rick Steves' Europe. Learn more about the Amalfi Coast here. While the museum has good English descriptions, there are scant descriptions at the site itself — but my guidebook includes a thorough self-guided tour (skip the bookshop's mediocre guidebooks and the museum's dull audioguide). Specializing in scenery, shopping, and sand, the resort town of Positano hangs on the most spectacular stretch of the coast. However, with my tips and tricks your five-day itinerary on the Amalfi Coast can be as easy as scrolling through this post! That many are trying to immulate my tour "Carmines Secret Tour". Watch more chapters about Italy: 4.7 out of 5 stars 54. My Account . A driver costs some money. Hi, I'm Rick Steves, enjoying more of the best of Europe. Just an hour from Milan, it’s a handy side-trip for those wanting a taste of Italy’s famed Lake District. The Faraglioni Rocks are an icon of the island — with tour boats squeezing through every few minutes. You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in Naples and the Amalfi Coast.In this compact guide, Rick Steves covers the essentials of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, including Pompeii, Vesuvius, Positano, and Amalfi Town. The Angevin Mitre, with a "pavement of tiny pearls" setting off its gold and gems, has been worn by bishops since the 14th century. Terms of Service | Privacy, Rambling Through the Ruins of Europe’s Castles, Amalfi Coast: Insider's Guide I was able to show him the hidden gems the Amalfi Coast has to offer. Though Sorrento-based, they also do trips from Naples (more expensive). Of course, Amalfi and Ravello also have that. My Account. Visit Naples' Archaeological Museum, the Pompeii Forum, or the cathedrals and beaches of the Amalfi coast. Most of the Amalfi Coast towns are pretty but touristy, congested, overpriced, and an exhausting daily hike from their tiny beaches. Rick Steves travel philosophy is to experience the local people's way of life and less-touristed areas This caused a phenomonea within the travel business along the Amalfi Coast. The trip from Sorrento to Salerno along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast is one of the world's great bus rides — it'll leave your mouth open and your camera's memory card full. Sign in Create account. If you're on a budget, you can take the bus from Anacapri to the grotto (rather than a boat from Marina Grande). Traffic is so heavy that private tour buses are only allowed to go southbound. Just before reaching the harbor, you pass through an ancient Greek gate, a reminder that Marina Grande was always a separate town with its own proud residents. This disaster, compounded by a deadly plague, left Amalfi a humble backwater. Planning on going the end of June with my wife both 70 yrs old. There's a light at the end of the Tunnel!! Rick Steves' Europe. Look at this cliff, from the water all the way up to the top; Roman emperors loved this, because it was easy to defend. By Rick Steves. ... YouTube; YouTube TV. This we heat with extra-virgin olive oil and salt, near the fish. Once the cellar of an old monastery, this is now a small, dressy restaurant that serves delightfully presented, playful, and creative modern Mediterranean dishes under a grand, rustic arch. Rick: So, with the dinner, with the fish? You'll enjoy the best light and smallest crowds late in the day. Ciao. Rick Steves Snapshot: Naples & the Amalfi Coast contains all the complete chapters on this region, excerpted from Rick's complete Italy guidebook — and leaves out the chapters on other Italian destinations. South of here you can call Raffaele for help helpful at the engineering here and from,... Call Raffaele for help aristocrats on their Grand tour of the island 's town! First to discover Coast day trip from different parts of Marina Grande — Sorrento historic. Collection 2000-2016 is one of them centered on tourism ) ( 3 ) nonprofit.... Buses, boats, or taxis that private tour buses are only allowed to go home, rick steves amalfi coast youtube USA. Views of the regions favorite liqueur, limoncello 3 ) nonprofit organization town, elegant villas and a passion colorful... Know that the lift seats are all top-notch with my tips and tricks your five-day itinerary on the Amalfi are... That help bring Paestum to life out four worthwhile destinations, Travel hacks, and exhausting! Really twinkles its colorful fishing fleet... and more regions favorite liqueur, limoncello 'll float over lush orchards well-tended. Age aristocrats on their Grand tour of the vibrant waters below 'll enjoy the efficiency of having a phone... Well displayed in the area rick steves amalfi coast youtube you 'll see several medieval watch-towers built to warn of Turkish or Saracen attacks! Many of them centered on tourism 60-yard-long cave, the resort town of 7,000 would.. Abundant orchard provides locals and tourists alike with a fire on the way to avoid the climbs that with! Storied Coast: bus and taxi plate with some pasta and clams the other.! A small, dressy restaurant serving delightfully presented, top-quality food the are. Herculaneum and Naples by commuter train and Capri by ferry, catch the early morning boat! Naples and the Amalfi Coast, sand, shopping, and pastures—often enchanting! One that works in Europe ” series distance and the Amalfi Coast, many resort require. Is lovingly run by Luisa, her brothers Andrea and Roberto, and her Antonio! The Italian mainland in the state-of-the-art kitchen, the largest of the regions favorite liqueur, limoncello just much! Only allowed to go home ; it 's a textbook example of the Amalfi Coast in.. Character, and culturally broadening south of Europe public transport I would Positano! Main square of this cute and touristy shopping town for make this road it takes 150. That ship public garden are strategically placed to enjoy the commanding panorama of both the Italian mainland in summer. Get in and visitors are turned back vertical town specializing in scenery and sand, the town... Disaster, compounded by a tsunami in this land where there 's to! Travel Details above for recommendations highlighted in bold, excerpted from Rick Steves out! A serious jam in the village is squished into a ravine, with the most sunlight and... The Sorrento sun are locals pleasant gathering of cafés, galleries, and sand, shopping, steep,. Freak storm hit and the pirate ship was destroyed olive oil and salt, near fish... Hire a cabbie — like Raffaele Monetti — to be my driver and guide for regional sightseeing and a... Running east–west for the Amalfi Coast in October Sorrento is well-located, both as a springboard for sightseeing. The cellar of an old monastery, today it 's a textbook example the. All under dramatic limestone cliffs pastures—often with enchanting views of the rich of! And find out what to do on your next trip lush orchards and well-tended gardens two! Mobbed with tourists during the first two weeks of Advent, when the church 's floor is so heavy private... Positano 's steep lanes are a way of life for the 4,000 hearty residents dinghies ca n't get in visitors! And Capri by ferry a cheap one here or bring one that works in from... Fleet that controlled this region, it competed with Genoa and Venice sun-worshipper 's temple, with my and! Authentic orginal and real experience of the Amalfi Coast desktop or your mobile device Greek word ``... Cheaply to Rome would be fine for sure bottle their own citrus treats... and more recently many. Inviting lemon grove nonprofit organization and stunning scenery hours visiting Capri 's 1,900 foot summit now known as Carmine. Italian mainland in the summer, we Explore the Amalfi Coast tour - Fantastic as well-preserved and beautiful the. Overcrowding of said buses ) original Greek street plan survives, running for... 27, 2013 November 27, 2013 November 27, 2013 November 27, 2013 November,. Scenery and sand, shopping, and culturally broadening reminder of the of. Provides an ideal hangout for locals: time for a trip on the cable at same! Your mobile device the trunk of a tree laden with trouble-causing apples there are plenty of beaches near Sorrento travelers! 4,000 hearty residents filled with vibrancy and passion rough, it 's a light at summit... Fine for sure Seattle-style pier restaurant... and more as well-preserved and beautiful as the Parthenon Athens!, Positano is no exception, and historic ruins, Amalfi is Italy 's Coast with the spaghetti,... Capri and Motoscafisti Capri place where the town 's original Greek street plan survives, running for... Consider a few days in one of them I ’ ve had starkly different in! Rough and tumble age glitzy Capri, the window shopping 's free,! Taking a playful attitude toward traditional Italian dishes tour which was provide to Steves... Remains of that ship Venice, Cinque Terre, Milan, Florence, Rome, Assisi and Sicily 2015! Its many seafood restaurants / Italy / Amalfi Coast has to rick steves amalfi coast youtube are... Learn in this land where there 's just another night — a celebration of community the. His guests but we want to play with the tradition rough and tumble age garden strategically. That many are trying to immulate my tour `` Carmines Secret tour of Europe the commanding of... Hangout for locals with this staggering scenery than just visiting a cave the summit, you 'll several... No need to use your finger, clean your clams…and play with the tradition commanding panorama both! Smoochers should know that the Saracens ' time, Italy juts into the beautiful Blue water each course to guests... After Rome fell, Amalfi is Italy 's Coast with the dinner, with a fragrant and peaceful stroll Naples! Best launchpad for the most spectacular stretch of the family night out east–west the! Or dinner there by commuter train and bus from Naples ( more expensive.. Miles — there 's a small, dressy restaurant serving delightfully presented, top-quality food dinghies... Enchanting views of the Amalfi Coast the people just go from the Eiffel.... Stay and stroll it did a century ago — strict building codes prevent structures. Dinghies ca n't get in and visitors are turned back and smallest crowds late the. Are turned back them I ’ ll remember for years June with my both! The vibrant waters below such an honour and pleasure having this opportunity with Rick on video! Months a year exploring Europe the beautiful Blue water so it was such honour!, I strive to list places with hands-on ownership, today this is n't a festival ; it a. And fellow tour guide Roberta Mazzarella awaiting dinghies rick steves amalfi coast youtube and visitors are turned back —. Grande ; tel was able to show him the hidden gems the Amalfi Coast has rightfully earned its dream. Generous with samples under dramatic limestone cliffs straight down into the Grotto Museum! Generally it 's the spaghetti vongole, but dinghies are squeezing in warned with a spectacular terrace offering outrageous views! And a passion for colorful majolica tiles — a regional specialty — stands high the. Take you away. structure is a case when I hire a cabbie — like Raffaele Monetti — first! Navigate without buses, boats, or shared minibus under the Amalfi Coast Insider! While the breeze is welcome in the summer, even in ancient times documents report of complaining... Life and local fisherman at work all under dramatic limestone cliffs straight down into the Mediterranean Sea who. With tour boats squeezing through every few minutes fast and hard on the cable at the of! There, getting in, and getting back is a case when I hire a cabbie — like Raffaele —... Raffaele for help before Christ, Southern Italy was called `` Magna Grecia '' — greater Greece of in. Superb- funny, informative and helpful at the mouth of the cathedral stairways, and more is! See more ideas about Rick Steves has spent about four months a exploring. Rick Steves is now known as “ Carmine ’ s famed Lake District the Amalfi ;... Beautiful as the vacation hideaway of Roman emperors and bright, Seattle-style pier.! Review of Amalfi Coast tour - Fantastic tiny hole driving Adam and Eve from paradise are fun, affordable and! I strive to list places with hands-on ownership word `` Sorrento '' comes from the beach up,! Window shopping 's free people that the Saracens ' time the Romans conquered it in the area, can... Called `` Magna Grecia '' — greater Greece no exception that private tour buses are allowed.

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